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Hair Loss: Loss of Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hair Loss

Hair LossCelebrity hair stylist James Brown, in rather harsh irony, noticed his hair beginning to thin when he was in his early 20s. He wore a trademark hat to cover up his baldness and felt too distressed to show his receding hair in public. It took him 20 years to summon the confidence to seek treatment and talk openly about his problem.

James is only one of the millions of people affected by hair loss worldwide. Two-thirds of men eventually experience hair loss related to male pattern baldness. In the UK, that means 7.4 million men lose their hair at any one time. That may also mean that the same number of people are at risk of experiencing mental and emotional upset.

A 2005 study revealed that hair loss can trigger a devastating psychological breakdown, such as feelings of ugliness and worse — body dysmorphic disorder.

People deal with baldness differently, but for James and many others, the experience can be genuinely troubling.

Hair Loss and Impaired Quality of Life

Several London hair transplant clinics offer recognised treatments, such as FEU transplant, that can mitigate the consequences of hair loss. James took advantage of this treatment, but what could have happened to him if he had not had the courage to seek help?

The ‘enormous emotional burden’ of becoming bald may sometimes lead to low self-esteem, mental disorders and can compromise one’s quality of life. Some may feel an actual sense of loss and lose their way in life. In 2006, MP Mark Oaten identified hair loss as the trigger for his ‘mid-life crisis’ and the crippling anxiety in his personal and professional life.

‘Hair loss ruins people’s lives,’ shared Audrey Patterson of the Guild of Hairdressers. ‘They cannot imagine anyone thinking anything about them except that they have a bald head.’

While many wear baldness like a badge of honour, others struggle to prevent it from taking control of their lives.

Changing Attitudes Toward Transplant

Owing to successful hair transplants on celebrities such as Louis Walsh, James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney, transplant procedures have steadily gained more public acceptance. Meanwhile, research continues to change attitudes that see hair loss purely as a cosmetic problem.

Those who share their emotional pain about hair loss help people to realise that treatments are more than mere vanity measures. Hair loss can have a far-reaching impact on one’s well-being, and it is time for those suffering from hair loss to consider treatment and take steps toward a better life.

Broken Promises: The Ex, the Kids, and the Right Way to Deal

Co-Parenting PlanDivorce is a tough situation for everyone – especially the kids. The idea that Mom and Dad will no longer live together is hard to accept.

Fortunately, co-parenting makes the ordeal easier. The children need not worry about not seeing both parents; through an efficient co-parenting plan, they can still see Mom or Dad during set periods (depending on who is the non-custodial parent).

The set-up is easier on everyone.

But what if the other party makes promises they can’t keep?

Anatomy of Broken Promises

For Buhlerlawoffice.com, a family law practice, broken promises are regular scenarios in most co-parenting cases. Regular yet unfortunate. The non-custodial parent, to cope with the separation from their children, would make grandiose promises to the kids.

Unfortunately, most parents end up breaking their promises – the supposed trip to the beach never happens, the non-custodial parent fails to attend the graduation ceremony, and so on. It might seem like a small concern, one you can easily make up for.

On the contrary, it’s a bigger issue.

Why Promises Matter

Your ex is not the kids’ only parent. Half of the time, they expect their parents to fulfill their promises. Whether it’s a trip or a material object, they know their parents will keep it. Should they fail to deliver, they at least offer an explanation.

When your ex fails to do either, it will confuse the children. Could they still depend on their non-custodial parent? Does Mom or Dad still love them? If so, why do they keep breaking their promise?

During such scenarios, it’s the custodial parent’s responsibility to validate the children’s feelings. Still, they should do so without disparaging the non-custodial ex.

But how?

The Right Way to Deal

Start by setting a good example. If your ex fails to keep promises, always keep yours. This shows them that at least one of their parents always pulls through. When you can’t, do not hesitate to tell them. Children appreciate honesty.

Also, talk to your ex about it. Explain the children’s side and (calmly) ask them to keep their promises. After all, you both want the best for the kids.

The ex might’ve broken their promise to stay with you till death do you part, but when it comes to the kids, keeping a promise matters – crucially.

Seating Arrangements to Consider for Your Event

Planning seating arrangements One of the factors of success of any event is communication, whether if you are presenting a business or hosting a dinner. The speaker or host may have all the charm he or she needs to dazzle an audience, but they are only one part of communicating in events. One of the things to look into when planning special occasions is the seating arrangement; because the latter may have a positive or negative impact.

Events managers cite that hotel function rooms may have all the décor and equipment needed, but these seating arrangements may make or break your event.

Theatre Style

This is the simplest arrangement that a lot of event organisers use, this reflects the seating in cinemas or theatres with chairs in straight rows. The pros of this are that the seats are facing forward and in the direction of the front of a room. This also allows you to maximise the seating capacity of the venue you booked. However, this has cons which include no provision for taking notes or eating plated food, and you need to create aisles for accessing the seating area.


This arrangement is much like in a lecture theatre or school, with trestle tables and chairs in straight rows. This style has similar benefits to the one mentioned previously as the seats face forward in the direction of the front of a function room. However, this allows for taking notes and plated food and beverage consumption. One of the disadvantages of this style is that it closes an audience in, making it difficult for them to enter or leave.


This seating arrangement is much like its classroom-style counterpart, but the rows of tables and chairs angle inwards. Some of the positives of this are that the seats are facing toward the podium and allow for eating, drinking and note taking.

These are just a handful of seating arrangement to consider when planning an event. The position of the tables and chairs play a major role in how speakers communicate and connect with their audience.

Prepare Your Metal Surface for Corrosion Protection

Metal Surface PreparationMetal surfaces are susceptible to rust and corrosion. To protect such surfaces, you can use protective paint coatings or other corrosion protection systems. However, before you can apply such protection, the experts at Euro-Blast NZ Ltd recommend that you first need to prepare the metal surfaces for the application of the coatings.

Preparing the metal for the protective coating

You need to prepare the metal surfaces of structural materials, vehicle bodies, and other metal items so you can make sure that the coatings would adhere to the metal surfaces. Any contaminants and residue on the surface would result in poor coating performance.


You can use hand and power tools to manually clean surfaces. You can use scrapers or wire brushes, although these tools are relatively ineffective in cleaning surfaces. Alternately, you can use power tools like percussive reciprocating needles, right-angle grinders, and rotary abrasive coated flaps. Just make sure that you know how to use these tools efficiently.

Using Chemicals

Power tools offer a good way to clean surfaces, but you can also use acid pickling. Acid pickling involves immersing the metal surface in a solution of inhibited acids. The method can be 100% effective, and can clean off all rust and contaminants. Experts use this technique for cleaning structural steel.

Using Abrasion

Perhaps the best way to prepare metal surfaces for coating application is abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting shoots material such as sand or garnet at high speeds to clean surfaces such as metal. You can use abrasive blasting for your surface preparation, but make sure you have the proper safety equipment and tools.

Get Professional Help

Preparing a metal surface is something you can do on your own, but the process poses several health hazards and risks. It would be best to consult professionals who can do these and even apply the protective coating on your metal items. You can find such a specialist here in New Zealand who could meet all your surface preparation needs.

Battle of the Fences: Aluminum vs. Steel

Fence Materials Fences are essential parts of your homes. Not only does it serve as a layer of protection against intruders, but it also contributes to your home’s aesthetic features. Therefore, it is important to choose not only the right fence type, but also the right material. Over the years, two kinds of materials have gained popularity in the fence building business; these are aluminum and stainless steel. What is the difference between the two? And which one is better for your home?


Rising in the market is an aluminum fence. Like steel, copper, and brass, aluminum can also be fabricated to your preferred style and type. Aside from its malleability, aluminum fences cost lower than stainless steel fences making it a more popular choice among people.

Though less dense and less sturdy than steel, aluminum fences are perfect for different locations because it is durable. It weighs lighter than steel but can survive corrosion and is resistant to rust. Also, aluminum can be recycled after use making it a more earth friendly alternative. You can paint your aluminum fences to match your home’s colors. However, in some cases, special paints to help resist oxidation might be needed over time.


Steel fences are known for its durability and strength (also for its weight). In looking for a fence that would last you a lifetime, steel fences are always the first choice. That is why most commercial properties prefer steel than aluminum to guard their property.

The downside of steel, however, is that it is not resistant to rust especially when it comes in contact with water and oxygen. Rust resistant paints can help deter the process. But it is often not enough to protect the steel from heavy pollution.

Both materials have their pros and cons. Before you choose between the two, it would be helpful to consider the location, function ad cost of your fence. Best of luck in making your choice!

Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Be Implementing This 2017

Digital Marketing Strategies this 2017 in Denver

Digital Marketing Strategies this 2017 in DenverWith over 75% of the U.S. population connected to the World Wide Web, a good portion is actively using the Internet to make life decisions. Businesses are left with no option, but to expand their digital marketing campaigns. An effective marketing campaign that improves your online presence and sets you as an authority in your niche will give you a better shot at winning over more people.

Embrace Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are a foolproof way to driving targeted traffic. All you need is well laid out landing pages and a PPC expert in Denver to help you get the best deals off your investment. This aggressive marketing will add people to your sales funnel almost instantly making it an ideal short-term solution.

Create Authority Content

Authority content in your niche will give your target audience a reason to hang around your website longer. The content will also give you a basis upon which you can build your SEO campaigns. Your visitors will trust you more if they believe that you are an authority to reckon with in your niche.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Ignoring social media, in this case, means setting up a Facebook or Twitter account and letting it fend for itself. You will have to get a social media manager to constantly interact with your audience and leverage various social media advertising options to give you a deeper reach. Timely responses to queries on social media and lively interactions will create trust and will be a perfect resume to all new visitors who happen to stumble by your social media accounts

Content marketing, SEO and social media will still rule the 2017 digital marketing arena. Coupling these tested and proven ways with the quick acting PPC campaigns will give you access to more and more audience. It will be up to you to create the right sales funnel to ensure that you convert the better part of these into actual customers.

3 Ways to Ensure a Successful Roadtrip with Family & Friends

Road Trips Holidays are a time for good cheers and road trips. It is also one of the worst times to be on the road; in fact, many road accidents occur during holidays. Nevertheless, this should not deter you from enjoying a road trip.

All you need is preparation.

Have your vehicle serviced before the trip

It is critical to service your vehicle before heading out on a road trip. Have a credible motor repair expert check the car for worn out brake pads and broken headlights.

Have the tires inflated as well to improve fuel economy and optimise vehicle performance. A thorough cleaning afterward erases any grease and dirt marks on the car.

 Consider passenger comfort

For an enjoyable trip, be sure to keep the passengers comfortable. Have them wear a comfortable seatbelt, and for children, booster seats.

Safety belts are essential as they protect you and passengers in case an accident occurs. Have the children sit in suitable supporters depending on their weight and age. To avoid distractions, you may provide the children with games, snacks and portable DVD player to keep them occupied. Comfortable passengers demand less from the driver, enabling you to focus more on the road.

Know your bearings

Having the correct map saves you time and energy. Frequent stopping to ask for directions can also instil fear in your passengers. Study the map in advance and if possible take a ride beforehand to familiarise yourself with the road conditions. By doing so, you will be more confident when driving.

In addition, make sure you are acquainted with the traffic rules of that location to avoid any unfortunate incidences. Drive at the recommended speed, stay in your lane and give way to other vehicles and pedestrians.


Road trips are an exciting way to spend time with family and friends. By observing proper road etiquette and making the right preparations, you can arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Enhance Your Medical Practice with Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health RecordA few people may argue that the need for pen and paper is still present, but when it comes to the tracking of patient care, digital technology seems to have taken over. Increasing numbers of hospitals, practices, clinics, and physicians are transitioning to the use of electronic health records (EHR).

Tracking and Management

Now, it may or may not be your first-time encountering EHR. Regardless, physicians use electronic health records—computer software—to track patients throughout all the stages of their care and to manage basic practice functions such as appointment scheduling and patient billing. You may take note that an EHR is different from an electronic medical record (EMR). The latter refers to only the clinical functions of an EHR.

Replacement of Paper Records

You may or may not like the idea of the electronic health record, but EHRs can satisfy the needs that may arise in a medical practice. You can take into account the fragility, costliness, and inconvenience of paper records, and you may see how they are extremely inadequate for medical practice today.

Practice Improvements

With EHRs, you can greatly enhance the quality of care , efficiency, and productivity of your medical practice. You can easily update and send patient information electronically. As a result, you can communicate with other clinicians and insurance providers quickly. You can have access to all a patient’s information in a centralized system.

Care Enhancements

Patients can benefit from electronic health records as much as physicians can. EHRs provide a quicker process with regards to patient information. EHRs can store the complete medical histories of patients, so patients can avoid redundant testing and receive more accurate care.

Unlimited Possibilities

You can choose one product that perfectly fits your medical practice. Once you have your software, you can even complement it with additional software such as a dragon software that enables voice recognition. The latter addition allows physicians to use their EHR for speech-to-text documentation.

With an electronic health record, you can bring improvements to your medical practice.

5 Surefire Ways to Land the Job of Your Dreams

 Strategies for Finally Getting That Job in LondonLet us be honest; finding a job in today’s market — this ever-changing marketplace — is next to impossible. Many uncertainties lie ahead in a challenging recruitment market and the world’s economic status is definitely not helping. Life must go on, however, and you have to pay your bills.

How exactly do you do a task that is nearly impossible to accomplish? Experts weigh in their top five ways to find a job quickly:

1. Be friendly.

Simply because you e-mailed your CV to a hundred different companies does not mean you are guaranteed to land a job. There are probably hundreds of hard and soft copies of CVs out there, and you are lucky if the company will pick yours. The point is it pays to have a foot by the door, a connection within and a friend on the sides. You are more likely to get noticed if someone who already works for the company puts in a good word for you.

2. Go back to school.

Not as a student, of course. What this means is you should try to connect with fellow alumni and see how they are faring. This is a good way to expand your network and, even if you do not get a job opportunity from them, you still have a chance in case they find an opening in the future.

3. Make yourself visible.

Event participation is another solid strategy that can help you in the future. Better yet, KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd says that you should start interacting online and attending events hosted by recruitment agencies. You will be surprised at how many doors it will open for you.

4. Use social media.

This is the digital age, so why not use today’s technology to serve your purpose. LinkedIn is a good resource for potential work opportunities, so why not start updating your profile. Even Facebook has its merits, so do not knock it until you have tried it.

5. Understand what you are looking for.

This time, instead of looking outwards for a job, it is likewise important to focus on yourself. What job are you looking for? When you picture yourself working, what job do you imagine yourself doing? Relying on others is important, but do not forget, the one person who can get you through that final interview — you.

There are enough jobs in this world, but the problem is not many people know how to look for them. Make sure you leave your doors open for any opportunity because you will never know when it will come.

The Ideal Roofing Materials for Commercial Properties

Roofing in Brazoria CountyEntrepreneurs invest on many things, including commercial buildings. They seek the best materials not only for interior purposes but exterior as well. One of the biggest decisions they have to make is choosing a roofing material. To help one out, below are a few suggestions.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM is one the most long-lasting materials when it comes to commercial roofing systems. It is a single ply, rubber roofing membrane that also suits RVs and mobile homes. Apart from being incredibly durable, EPDM is a low-maintenance roofing material that is resistant to ozone, UV weathering, and abrasion damage. Entrepreneurs who would like to focus on a greener, an environmentally-friendly building may opt for this roofing system.

Metal Roofing

Industrial businesses typically utilize metal roofing systems because other than being resistant to fire, they are also energy-efficient, allowing to create a sustainable design for the building. According to commercial roofers in Brazoria County, this kind of roofing material can last for 30 years, especially with proper maintenance. Metal roofing systems, however, are not suitable for flat roof applications. When installing this material, make sure to work with an experienced contractor.

Solar Panel Roofs

More companies consider solar panels as roofing systems because of the benefits they provide. Innovative and sustainable, solar panels use sunlight to power a building, resulting in lower energy bills. This kind of roofing material, however, is expensive at the onset and requires proper installation to angle with light. Solar panels can cover an entire roof or may involve other roofing materials.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Made of asphalt with the reinforcement of polyester or fiberglass, modified bitumen roofing systems provide excellent resistance against foot traffic, punctures, and tears, making them ideal for heavily used commercial roofs. Apart from resistance, this kind of roofing material also comes in a variety of colors and textures, becoming the wise choice for beautiful buildings.

Being able to choose the right roofing material for your commercial property allows you to save on costs on the long haul. Think smart and make sure to work with a trustworthy roofing contractor.