A First Time Investor’s Guide to Commercial Properties

Real estate is a complicated sector, especially for the first time buyer. Every few years, the market experiences crashes and blows due to unforeseen circumstances. With these in tow, the first time More »

The Impervious Superpower Under Your Feet

The fact that carpets are among the biggest breeding grounds for germs and microbes in the house doesn’t disturb as many people as it once did. One of the reasons this might More »

Housekeeping 101: 3 Household Items to Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning of the house is a must. This involves not only keeping your household tidy, but also maintaining appliances and equipment. Aside from vacuuming, dusting and sorting the clutter in the More »

Want to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Build your Brand Now

Achieving success in business is possible through a lot of means. To do this, you must have an impressive product or service that could outrun others in the tough market competition. Even More »

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PAS 55 101: What It is and Why You must Use It

PAS 55Originally created in 2004, PAS 55 was produced by several organisations spearheaded by IAM, the Institute of Asset Management. Since then, it has been significantly revised with the help of 50 other organisations from 10 different countries associated with 15 industry divisions.

An Overview of PAS 55

PAS is published by the BSI or British Standards Institution and stands for Publicly Available Specification. This presents 28-point guidelines specifications to establish and validate an optimised management system for all physical asset types.

It provides an objective, crucial description of requirements pertaining to demonstrating competence, establishing priorities for improvements, and fostering clearer and more effective connections among strategic plans of organisations and their daily asset functions and realities.

PAS 55’s Purpose

PAS 55 integrates all asset lifecycle aspects—from initially realising the design, acquiring, building, commissioning, operating or utilising, maintaining, renewal, modifying, and its efficient disposal at the end of its service life.
It likewise delivers a common and unifying language for discussion among cross-functional teams, a general outline to better comprehend how individual components function together, and the number of joint interdependencies that can be efficiently managed and optimised.

Using PAS 55

Those who have utilised the optimised and systematic approach as defined by PAS have considerably and consistently enjoyed improvements to their services and performance, as well as net earnings. PAS also delivers real proof of sustainable and effective governance to investors, clients, and regulators among others.

As opposed to some standards that are easily met by providing extensive documentation, PAS strictly requires clear proof of alignment between actual, real, and daily delivery and proposed intentions.

With this said, you can view PAS 55 as a priceless mechanism for guaranteeing that asset life cycle planning principles, cost over benefit, management of risks, sustainability, and client focus among others are truly and efficiently delivered within the daily tasks of an organisation’s operations, project implementation, and maintenance, among others.

Biking: More Fun in the Philippines


philippinesPhilippine beaches are some of the best in the world, but people rarely mention the country as a biking destination. The country offers enthusiasts different city and landscapes to enjoy a day of biking for fun, exercise, or in preparation for a competition.

Nuvali-Tagaytay Trail

Leave the stress and crazy streets of Manila by heading south. Test your mettle on the bike as you traverse the lush and verdant countryside of Nuvali to Tagaytay. This biking trail offers a mix of adventure and leisure for those who want to brave a medium to difficult track.

The trail has, literally, plenty of ups and downs that provide a challenge for both beginners and experienced bikers. The adrenaline pumping descents and ascents offer a good workout and will push you to your limits. After you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and a good day’s workout from this bike tour, the Philippines has other trails worth trying.

Intramuros at Night

There is nothing like exploring an old colonial city at night, when the faint glow of orange lights on old houses and forts create a nostalgic feeling for whoever passes by. The pavements of this historical part of Manila are brimming with tourists by day. To avoid the crowds, bike the old town with friends or with fellow enthusiasts to get some exercise or to enjoy the Spanish-influenced buildings under the moonlight. Other than seeing the city from a different perspective, biking provides you with numerous health benefits that improve quality of life.

La Mesa Nature Reserve

This nature reserve provides some of the best biking trails for enthusiasts living in Metro Manila. The area has well-maintained single tracks for bikers, challenging descents and ascents, and the views of the lake are all rewarding experiences.

These destinations are noteworthy biker trails for anyone who wants to go on a quick getaway. These activities provide you with the exercise you need to boost overall health and give you a different perspective of the Philippines.

A First Time Investor’s Guide to Commercial Properties


BuildingReal estate is a complicated sector, especially for the first time buyer. Every few years, the market experiences crashes and blows due to unforeseen circumstances. With these in tow, the first time buyer suffers from an incredible dilemma: should they buy or rent a commercial property?

If you are this first time buyer, you are not alone.

Buying commercial property is a complex process; it is a step that involves rewards and risks at the same time. This type of real estate differs greatly from its residential brother. Commercial real estate deals with retail, office, industrial and multi-family properties.

Interested in purchasing an office space? Before you approach local commercial selling or leasing agents, prepare yourself with enough knowledge for well-planned real estate choices.

Create a team of experts for sound advice

Before you make a purchase, surround yourself with experts. These professionals provide guidance in determining essential factors, such as location, the property and other matters. Consider consulting the following:

• Commercial broker – helps identify properties based on your financial capability
• Lawyer – provides legal advice on real estate transactions and also helps with the negotiation process
• Mortgage broker – deals with the financial aspect of your purchase; offers available financial options
• Accountant – calculates how much you can afford, taking into consideration the tax and operation costs

Detailed preparations first

Evaluation is the key to finding the right property. With the help of your assembled professionals, create a map for your search.

The first step is to ask around—learn what real estate insiders know. Learn the basics of commercial real estate to avoid purchasing mistakes. For example, commercial properties have different valuations from residential properties.

Determine cash flow and loan applications for commercial rentals. Property lenders prefer 30% down before they approve loans.

Determining the right property

First-time buyers should consider numerous factors when looking for commercial properties.

Location leads the list of considerations. Choose a convenient setting for your business to increase your profits. Check a property’s physical condition as well. The property should still be in good condition and should have no liability and environmental issues.

Other factors to consider are allowable uses, parking space and leasing opportunities.

First-time purchases are challenging. Before you buy a commercial property, make sure your purchase is for long-term usage. This reduces wasted profits and maximises your property’s business opportunities now and in the future.

Top 5 Reasons Family Business Fails

Family conflict

Family conflictResearch suggests that family businesses have a significantly high failure rate compared to other setups. An article from the Business Spectator supports this claim, saying Aussie families are struggling with matters related to succession. The article, titled “Breaking the Cycle of Family Business Failure” notes that only 30 per cent of businesses survive the transition from first to second generation, while only 12 per cent will reach the third one.

Here are 5 common reasons behind the failure of family businesses:

Family Conflicts

Conflicts happen in every family. Generational conflict is the most common, hindering the growth of the business, especially if there are disagreements on missions and values. It is important that the next generation should not reject established methods and predecessors should demonstrate flexibility in exploring new business strategies.

No Trusted Advisers

Businesses require more than lawyers and financial planners. It is always best to have professionals who have a clear understanding of the family business setup and its unique challenges. Advisers should be able to work collaboratively with the family to provide the best outcome for the business.

Unprepared Leaders/Successors

The next leader must learn all aspects of the business. Marin Accountants notes that it is important for the current leader to create guiding principles that outline requisite education or experience before assigning a family member to an important position.

Fundamental Principles

Traditional business education is not enough to meet the complex demands of a family business. Issues such as succession planning, family dynamics and governance are overlooked or not tackled sufficiently in school. To ensure successful succession, it is best to seek out specialised education.

Poor Succession Planning

Business succession is important for companies to last beyond one generation. Without it, problems like corporate instability and high turnover rate will soon destroy the business. It is important for owners to develop and train employees or family members to take top positions, so business can move forward successfully.

Business success is possible if families understand that they need to add value to the business instead of just seeing the company as a provider of profits. This calls for family members to actively lead the business, support the strategies, and understand the industry deeply.

The Impervious Superpower Under Your Feet


CarpetThe fact that carpets are among the biggest breeding grounds for germs and microbes in the house doesn’t disturb as many people as it once did. One of the reasons this might be the case is because no one has ever been known to die from getting carpet germs. But while this is technically true, it grossly underestimates the potency of some the bacteria present in a carpet. An example of such a microbe is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

MRSA is a bacterium responsible for several infections in humans that are difficult to treat; it’s resistant to several penicillins, as well as to cephalosporin. Resistance to conventional methods of bacterial infection treatment don’t necessarily make the strains more virulent, but they are more dangerous. The strain can be a real bother in places where there are many items that many people use; hospital chairs, nursing home couches, and carpets.

It just takes a bit of imagination to find possible links between a carpet and how MRSA got there, a scenario made easier to visualise with the inclusion of an athlete in the home. Carriers can unwittingly bring the bacteria on their equipment or skin and then introduce it to the carpet. Carpet cleaners often have to categorise their services, in order to adjust to different threat levels.

Fortunately, for all the powers that MRSA has, it can only enter the body through direct contact with an open wound, and requires a compromised immune system to do any real damage. It can take weeks, or even years for an infected person to display any noticeable symptoms, contributing to the difficulty in treating the infection.

MRSA is a scary bug to have around the family, but it’s no reason to raise DefCon 4 on the carpet, or anything else that might carry the strain. Just keep everything clean and everything should be fine.

Retirement Communities: Living a Good Life as You Grow Old

Retirement community

Retirement communityAccording NationMaster.com’s 2012 report, only 15% of American elderly live with their children. Children may leave home to pursue their careers and eventually start their own families, or parents may choose to settle in retirement homes. These places are convenient for people who want to live a good life in their twilight years.

What is a retirement community?

A retirement community is basically like any other community, such as an apartment complex or a mobile home park. Specifically, it is for seniors who are retired or retiring.

Here, residents live independently and take care of themselves. Staying here means being in the company of people in the same age bracket, giving seniors the opportunity to make new friends.

What’s in it for retirees?

Aside from your own unit or living quarters that you share with someone else, some communities also have recreational amenities, like golf courses. In these communities, residents get together in the common room, where they can eat a meal together.

Retirement communities also provide assistance with housekeeping. Do what you want without worrying about the state of your home.

What if you need additional care?

Aging comes with many challenges and developing gray hair and wrinkles will be the least of your concerns. Your bones start to weaken and you may find it difficult to remain physically active. When the time comes that you need assistance, consider assisted living arrangements.

As Twin Lakes Community explains, retirement communities let residents enjoy the amenities while the staff handles home ownership responsibilities.

Get someone to help you take care of yourself while you are sick. You still have your own space, but there will be someone to help with difficult tasks such as cleaning the house or even bathing.

Retirement communities offer you the option to live your life in a relaxing setting. To enjoy this arrangement fully, look for a welcoming place in a peaceful area.

The Price is Right: Pricing Strategies That Help Improve Sales

pricing strategy

pricing strategyBetter pricing is one of the fastest ways to boost sales and profits. It dramatically enhances profitability, which then sets a foundation for business that continues to flourish. The problem, however, is that pricing is difficult to get right.

There is no single formula or process that suits different types of business and products. Pricing an item usually involves considering different factors such as knowing how much competitors are charging, understanding the relationship between price and quality, and considering minimum advertised pricing or MAP policies.

Here are a few strategies to help with the goal of improving pricing:

Express the Value of Product

Let customers know why your product is better than the competition’s. Take extra steps to quantify how and why purchasing your offerings can give them better and more satisfying results. If you think your product is better, explain why and charge more than competitors based on value. If your product has fewer features, however, acknowledge it and justify a lower price.

Offer Pricing Choices

Providing good, better, and best product versions is an effective pricing strategy for most businesses. This is because customers appreciate being offered multiple pricing options rather than a single price and simply just agreeing to it. This strategy helps customers choose how much to shell out and it is good to know how many people often choose the best version.

Re-evaluate Cost

Constantly re-evaluate your costs to make sure that they are up-to-date and right for your business and the market. You also need to understand the need to restructure or rethink your pricing to increase profitability. Just make sure not to overprice products in an attempt to gain more profit.

End Prices in “9”

A research from the Quantitative Marketing and Economics suggests that prices ending in “9” are so effective that companies using such a strategy are able to outsell lower prices for the same product by 24 percent. This is because the use of “9” alerts customers that an item is at great value and the lowest price available.

Boost profit and growth through better pricing. Avoid overpricing or underpricing products, as it can have a disastrous impact on your bottom line. Experts suggest putting yourself in the customer’s shoes to determine the best price. Keep in mind that consumers want to get what they are paying for based on value.

Housekeeping 101: 3 Household Items to Clean Regularly

aircon cleaning

aircon cleaningRegular cleaning of the house is a must. This involves not only keeping your household tidy, but also maintaining appliances and equipment. Aside from vacuuming, dusting and sorting the clutter in the pantry, there are things in your house that need regular maintenance.

The Toilet

The toilet is one of the most important things you should always clean. Maintain a sanitary toilet to prevent the spread of germs that may cause illnesses. Set up a weekly schedule to clean the crapper and the loo.

Scrub the stains. While you’re at it, look for signs of any drainage problem. Call your plumber if you need help.

The Air Conditioner

With the harsh weather in Australia, homeowners rely on air conditioning units. The AC needs careful and regular maintenance to perform well. At least once a month, clean its parts to make sure that there are no dirt and dust causing problems.

An air conditioner with a clogged filter will have a hard time working. This will take a toll on your electricity bill and comfort.

There is nothing better than enjoying the cool air coming from a quiet AC on a hot day, so make sure there are no loose parts causing noise. There are companies in Perth offering air conditioner repair and maintenance services in case you need help.

The Kitchen

Pay special attention to your kitchen counters, but don’t forget the other parts of the room. Every item in the kitchen needs maintenance and proper cleaning because this is where you prepare and store food. Having a clean kitchen lessens chances of food poisoning and even pest infestation.

Remember to always wipe the counters clean and dispose of perishable foodstuffs promptly. Store food properly, seal containers and throw away items that have gone bad. A dirty kitchen invites pests such as flies, cockroaches and rats.

Everything in the house requires cleaning, but these are the three that need special attention. Clean the house regularly to live comfortably and safely.

4 Ways to Effectively Advertise Your Next Event

Promoting event

Promoting eventPromoting an event you’re a part of is important to achieve success. Without promo, people won’t know about your event even if they are interested. Here are some tips to make that event stand out and make a difference.

Know Your Audience

All your marketing pursuits will fail if you don’t know where your target market is. Go where your audience usually goes. Show up in person and personally give them posters or leaflets about the event.

Two Weeks’ Notice

Whether it’s a full-blown event or a well-organized pop up event in tents, you need to make sure people know about it two weeks in advance. This is to give them the chance to save the date. It’s also not too far enough that they forget about it. Pass on the info and start advertising your event two weeks before it happens.

Contact Local Media

Get in touch with local radio stations, websites, or even newspapers to see if they’re willing to market your event. In exchange, you can promote them during your event or include their logo in your freebie bag (if you’ll have one). Deliver your pitch in a way that focuses on how they can benefit from it, not you.

Promote Online

Social media is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to online marketing. Tell every organizer to spread the word and ask help from their friends. This way, your event can reach more and more people easily. Come up with appealing graphics to impress people and spark curiosity and conversation.

Much of the success of any type of event, big or small, depends on how effective your marketing strategies are. Whatever type of advertisement you publish or give out, make sure the event details are clear enough for people to understand and concise enough to hold their attention.

Want to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Build your Brand Now

logo and branding

logo and brandingAchieving success in business is possible through a lot of means. To do this, you must have an impressive product or service that could outrun others in the tough market competition. Even before consumers recognize your reputation as an entrepreneur, you must build your brand.

Why Do You Need to Establish Your Brand?

Branding is an important aspect in any business, whether you have a start-up or a big-scale company. Your brand is basically what your product or service promises. Building your brand takes more than just thinking of the logo and the name; there are strategies that would necessitate help from a reliable advertising agency.

Whom Do You Trust with Your Brand?

You must have a logo to go with your brand. This logo must also reflect your company’s mission and vision. Make your brand known through communication channels—this is where advertising agencies can help you.

You can get better brand distinction when your work with an ad agency. Utah companies, for example, trust agencies that are capable of bringing out the unique selling point of their business.

With good advertising, your brand can communicate its message to your target consumers and influence their decisions into buying. They help you create a compelling message that will spur action from your target audience. Moreover, agencies think outside the box and use different platforms to communicate your brand message.

As an entrepreneur, you must integrate your brand into what you do. This means that your tagline, your salespeople, your office, and even your management approach should reflect what you promise.

Consumers can determine whether you are just faking it or you are being true to your brand. Be consistent and do not make unrealistic promises. Remember that people are less likely to trust something if it’s too good to be true.