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Top Three Alternatives to Blogging


Awesome and creative content for your website is necessary to compete for search traffic. Blogging is one of the common ways to produce relevant content for your website. But apart from blogging, there are other ways to create SEO-friendly content without too much writing. These can help your website rank higher if you use it with powerful search engine optimisation.

Here are three alternatives:

YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting and sharing sites. You can shoot a video, upload it, and promote it via social media. Make sure, however, that your video is compelling and useful —or at least interesting. Create tutorials, a success story, or be an authority by explaining a new technology or answering a question.



Well-produced infographics can have a higher probability of going viral than text-based content. This is because people enjoy reading and sharing information in visual format.  You can create a well-designed infographic for your site by contacting Digital Cherry or using Piktochart.


Slideshows are great for enhancing your search engine optimisation campaign. They do not require much writing and only need a title and a brief description for images. Keep in mind that for your slideshow to appeal to your audience, the content has to present remarkable images.

Implement a strong content marketing strategy with these alternatives. Hire a reliable SEO company to produce content that will help you rank high in search engines.

What are Prescription Drug Discount Programs?

Prescription pills

For people who need daily prescription medication to manage their chronic illness, affordable medication is essential. A recent survey, however, reports that one in seven Americans can’t fill at least one prescription, as they couldn’t afford it. Fortunately, prescription drug discount programs are available to help uninsured and underinsured consumers buy their much-needed medication.

Pharmacy-Based Drug Specific Discount Program

Some large chain retail stores with in-house pharmacies are offering common generic prescription medications at reduced prices. Some of these stores also have websites that allow patients to search both by drug and by condition online. This method in turn allows patients to work with their health care provider in choosing affordable medication.

Prescription pills

Pharmacy-Based Medication Discount Card Programs

Many independent pharmacies provide discount clubs that offer similar programs found in larger chain retail stores. Under these programs, consumers receive pharmacy discount cards that entitle them to discounts on prescriptions.

Apart from independent pharmacies, some websites also offer free pharmacy discount cards that provide similar benefits as the discount cards from pharmacies.

Despite the high price of prescription medication, consumers can still afford to fill their prescriptions. Joining a prescription drug discount program can help them buy their daily medication and stay healthy.

Money Talk: 3 Reasons to Stay Out of Financial Trouble


It’s true that life isn’t all about money, but it really has its share in every person’s fate. Whether you admit it or not, money is one of the most important things in your life. Gaining financial freedom may be your ultimate goal, so you’re willing to do everything to achieve it.

By staying out of financial trouble, you can reap all of the following benefits:

Cheers to a Happy Family!

Financial problems, such as debts and bankruptcy, can ruin a marriage. You don’t want this to happen to your family. Look for ways to earn additional income. Spend less and save more to stay financially stable. You can maintain a happy family if you’re able to provide everything they need.


Bye Bye, Stress!

It’s stressful to know you can’t buy the things you want or need, such as a new car. Though you can get a car from dealerships offering bad credit financing, it’s always better to maintain a good credit score. You can have a restful sleep if you don’t have overwhelming debts or pending credit card bills.

Hello, Rewarding Retirement!

You’ll be closer to your dream retirement if you’re out of any financial trouble. You don’t want to end up still working until you’re 70 or 80. Stay out of debt and you’ll live a prosperous life during your retirement.

You can do more if you’re financially stable. Stay positive and work for it.


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Little Moments, Big Memories: Newborn Photography Essentials For The Perfect Shoot

Baby with knitted bonnet

Celebrate the beauty and innocence of the first days of life. Few things in life can be as rewarding as photographing newborn babies. Like letting the love story of a wedding day unfold naturally, the best shots often come from surprising moments.

Of course, every photographer has a different way of doing things. The most important thing is to buy the essentials before you start. Beyond that, it is your style that will set you apart as a photographer.

Here are some things to have for baby’s photo shoot:


Simple newborn shots are usually the best; there’s no need for overly bright backgrounds. Fabrics are important for backdrops if you have several things around. A great way to get a photo that looks professional is to buy embroidery fabric or lace fabric online. Have a large assortment of fabrics for different themes and as replacements for soiled items.

Baby with knitted bonnet


With newborns, you can use different types of props. Anything from baskets, beds, bowls, and hats will do. Keep the focus on the baby, and make sure you choose props that are appropriate for the baby’s size. When planning your sessions, coordinate your props with your blankets and fabrics.

Babies offer a great opportunity for creating beautiful and memorable photographs. Organize and have everything prepared before you start shooting. In addition to a good camera, backdrops and props are great tools for newborn portraits.

The Secrets to Shooting a Great Timelapse

timelapse of flower blooming

Timelapse clips are a great addition to your video production. They convey a full narrative in just a few seconds and add dynamics to your video. Many production professionals combine these clips along with various video templates for greater effect.

Shooting a timelapse is not an easy matter, though. You have to consider many factors to create something compelling. Here are some of the things you should do in your next shoot:

Bring a tripod

The secret to making great clips is a stable shot, which is why you should never go without a tripod in hand. You may have to capture a subject for long periods; any nudge or slight changes to the frame will ruin the whole clip. For good measure, secure the tripod’s foundation with heavy objects.

timelapse of flower blooming

View in Real Time

Use your camera’s Live View feature as often as possible. This will help you decide the shot in real-time and visualize the whole clip while shooting it.

Figure out the right interval

Timing is of the essence. Decide how long you are going to take the shot. Sometimes, a millisecond too long may produce a different effect from what you originally intended. Don’t be afraid to experiment during post-production. Using After Effects templates also helps you integrate the clip into the video.

A timelapse clip is only as good as the preparations you made shooting it. You can browse through more websites to learn more about the best timelapse shooting practices.

Speed Up: Tips for Improving Your Site Performance

Google PageSpeed Insights

A slow loading website is one the major causes of page abandonment. Many users have no patience for a website that takes too long to load. In fact, studies suggest that one to three seconds of waiting decreases the visitor satisfaction by 16 per cent. A few seconds’ delay also translates to lost sales and poor conversions every year.

Do not let this happen to your website. Improve your site’s performance and load speed with the following tips:

Compress Images

While a larger image looks great on your webpage, it can make your site feel sluggish while loading. Use image-resizing tools to compress pictures or shed a couple of weight in your images without compromising the quality. Compressed images download faster and use less bandwidth.

Minify Code

Increase your site speed by using minified style sheets. Also, eliminate unnecessary bytes by removing comment, extra spaces, and line breaks. Use Minify CSS to compress your files or hire the services of The Room to condense files and speed up your site.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Use Web Performance Tools

Free web tools such as PageSpeed Insights and Webmaster tools can help you pinpoint the leakages on your site performance. Such sites analyse the content of your pages and generate suggestions to make it load faster.

Use these tips to improve your site performance and load times. Hire the services of a web design or web development company to learn the other ways of improving your site speed.

It’s All on the Wall: Unique Wall Decorations

deer head

A plain and boring wall can make the entire room feel empty and uninteresting. Infuse your walls with style by adding a few decorative pieces. Give them a makeover with these unique wall decorating ideas.

deer head

Dress it Up

Instead of using paint and wallpaper, try dressing your walls with fabric. Use a pattern and type of fabric that you love. Then, incorporate a large family portrait or a canvas as an additional touch.

Get Wild

Give your home a unique feel using fauxidermy or fake animal heads. Common animals to choose from include deer, elephant, moose, lion, and zebra. You can find these constructed pieces in ceramic, resin, and recycled cardboard. By mounting fake animal heads, you can make your wall appear dramatic and interesting.

Mirror it

Make a statement in your small space with a large mirror. Hang or rest a framed and full-sized mirror in your bedroom, living room, or at the end of the hallway. You can also use a collage of mirrors to give your room a bohemian feel. Create a wall collage using framed mirrors in different sizes and shapes.

Add a layer of interest to any room with these wall decorations. Make sure to choose a wall color or decoration that suits the overall style of the room. Think beyond paints and wallpaper to give your home a fun and stylish feel.