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The Worst of Both Worlds: Wonky Teeth and Wobbly Feet

Girl Wearing Invisalign

Girl Wearing InvisalignWhile some people are blessed with straight, white gnashers, there are those who are not. Wonky teeth these days say a lot about how you are as a person, which affects your relationship with other people.

One of the solutions you may opt for is braces. These come in various forms, metal being the traditional material used, but if you are against the idea of other people seeing you undergoing treatment, especially as an adult, there are clear options available. One of them is Invisalign, which is offered by practices all over London, like Fresh Dental.

Improving More than Just Appearances

More than enhance and brighten a person’s smile, braces are also beneficial when it comes to improving your balance and posture. In a recent study, individuals with malocclusions, such as underbites and overbites are clumsier than the average person. In a study done with ten physically active people as its participants found out that dental occlusions profoundly influenced how the subjects controlled their balance.

Researchers from the Department of Physiology at the University of Innsbruck and the University of Barcelona pointed out that while the association between the two would not be evident in everyday conditions, it would make itself known with other factors that may affect the body’s stability, such as weight.

Athletes and Their Dental Health

This is essential information for athletes because this is significant to how well they perform. The research has two parts: one part considered the type of malocclusion and if the subject had undergone previous orthodontic treatment. The other focused on how fatigue affected balance for individuals with great teeth and those with wonky teeth.

According to Sonia Julia Sanchez, the lead author of the study, ‘Therefore, it would be helpful for both the general population and athletes to consider correcting dental occlusions to improve postural control and thus prevent possible falls and instability due to a lack of motor system response.’

Whether you are getting braces for aesthetic purposes or not, unbeknownst to you, these are also helping with your posture and balance. While there is a need to explore this a little further, it is a good start for medical professionals to correlate dental health to orthopaedic problems.

Advanced Fence Installation: Fencing a Sloped Yard

Fences for Sloped Yards An ideal American home would have terrain that’s even, rectangular, and flat. The reality, however, is that a lot of houses are built on uneven terrain, such as a slope or hill. Thus, it can be difficult for some homeowners to install fences, such as aluminum panels, on a slope. Despite the challenge, there are methods that homeowners can use to work around the “special” landscape of their yard.

Stepped Fencing

This type of fencing makes use of rails perpendicular to the pickets. Homeowners who opt for stepped fencing will need to attach each section to the post to adjust to the land’s slope. After installation, the fence will mimic the look of stairs, increasing in height as it goes further up the slope.

The design of a stepped fence will leave large gaps that are often triangular in shape. Such gaps may allow tunneling pets to escape. Thus, homeowners should take care to fill these gaps. One way of doing so is to construct raised bed planters at the bottom of the fence. These planters will fill the gap and act as a valuable gardening space.

Raked Fencing

A raked fence, also known as a racked fence, requires homeowners to install individual pickets or boards separately. Once installed, raked fences will have rails running parallel to the ground. It would also ensure that the gap between the ground and the pickets remains uniform throughout the entire fence. This prevents pets from getting through the gaps.

While raked fencing gives homeowners a uniform look, it may not be applicable for all sloped lawns, especially ones with a steep angle. Moreover, this fence type takes more time to assemble.

Although slopes may seem like an impossible obstacle to the installation of a new fence, homeowners can get around the problem with raked or stepped fencing. Just make sure to measure the area properly and follow the fence installation instructions.

Root Canal: Why It is Far from Becoming Obsolete

Root Canal in Hertfordshire With the introduction of many new dental care treatments such as Invisalign and same-day dental crowns, root canal is beginning to sound ancient. The preventative procedure has been around for perhaps as long as modern dentistry.

Many recent treatments have been developed, but despite these, the procedure is still a fixture on dental practices’ list of offerings. While some may consider root canal as an outdated treatment, there is still a place for a tried and tested procedure that has stood the test of time. Root canal treatment is far from becoming obsolete.

The ‘Obsolete’ Claim

If you have ever undergone a root canal procedure in Hertfordshire or elsewhere, you might say that the experience was uncomfortable. Devices sinking into your teeth to remove pain-causing, damaged tissues, is not something you look forward to in your dental visits, no matter how necessary it is.

When news came out about stem cell fillings possibly replacing root canal as a pain-eliminating procedure, many were intrigued. The biomaterial fillings can reportedly help damaged tissues regenerate and heal, ending dental pain. Though the treatment is still subject to further study, it is generating plenty of interest with its healing potential.

The Latest on Root Canal

With innovations in dentistry attracting many patients looking for painless treatments, what still makes root canal, a viable treatment option today? Well, unlike many new innovations in dentistry, root canal treatment, primarily is concerned with saving a tooth in danger of extraction. It is a procedure targeting pain points and getting rid of them for good, and it is available and accessible to patients everywhere. It has been proven to provide long-term relief, even to animals such as lions and tigers, as demonstrated by a recent case that made online news headlines.

Being the time-tested and readily accessible dental treatment available today, root canal is still far from becoming obsolete. It is still the treatment of choice for patients seeking pain relief that lasts.


Non-Profit Organizations And SEO

SEO When talking about search engine optimization (SEO), it’s easy to always think of businesses. As a matter of fact, that’s what a typical SEO company deals with: for-profit organizations. They optimize for specific keywords to rank their websites on search engines, be seen by potential customers, and earn more money. As for non-profit groups, they don’t exactly need this kind of service.

Or do they?

SEO for a Cause?

These organizations are almost always pushing for different humanitarian/environmental reasons. In their most basic forms, these groups exist to raise awareness about specific issues. If you can’t find them on search engines or social networks, where many people lurk these days, they can’t be seen. And it’s not like most of them have enough money to pay for TV ads. They’re non-profits, and TV ads cost a lot.

SEO is not rocket science. It’s all about getting found on the topmost of search engine results pages. That way, visitors looking for a particular keyword will probably click on the site, learn about the cause, and share that information with peers. But being found online is not as easy as it seems. Even non-profit organizations have competitors, just like their for-profit peers. The key to standing out amidst a sea of choices is by ranking for the right keywords. This is where SEO comes into play.

The Key to Being Found

Non-profits have to understand that if they have a website, SEO can make or break their cause in a digital age. People surf the web almost all the time when they want to find something. The most important thing to remember when it comes to SEO success is simple: try to see things from their perspective. What do they want? What questions are they asking? On the other side of the spectrum, an organization wanting to be found must try to answer if they fill these people’s needs and wants.

Folks won’t run out of causes they support. It’s the same with business, really. What matters most is that they quickly find an organization that aligns with their philosophies, and things will take off from there.

Innovative Technologies That Help Doctors and Patients

Medical Service

Innovative technologies, especially those geared for the medical practice, have been steadily changing the way doctors manage their clinics and tasks. With the help of these software applications, what used to be time-consuming duties are now easier.

Everyone knows that a doctor’s job is never easy. Nevertheless, medical practitioners make it a point to do their best for their patients. According to RainTree Systems, the advent of innovative medical digital technologies is now a welcome development for both patients and physicians.

The Cloud

The cloud is a network of servers combining their computing power to deliver services. Cloud technology has given everyone Software-As-A-Service, or SAAS technology. This service can be anything from storing large files—such as images and videos—to keeping patients’ medical histories and records. Cloud technology has made it possible for doctors to access their patients’ medical history anytime and anywhere.

Smartphone Apps

Today, people use smartphones to access the Internet. This has led to the development of  applications or apps, that many users utilize to monitor their heart rates and their physical activities.  Medical professionals also use specialized apps to access not only patients’ records stored in the cloud but also to schedule appointments and access other documents. Many surgeons agree that these apps have been useful in their clinical practice.

Electronic Medical Records

Special technologies, such as  Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) that support speech recognition, are steadily gaining ground in the medical field. Since modern EMRs are cloud-based, there is no need for physicians to upgrade their computer hardware. These EMRs also provide physicians with a patient’s comprehensive medical history. An EMR allows doctors to access all records relating to the patient, and is not limited to the clinical data from one hospital or practice.

These state-of-the-art technologies that assist doctors in their tasks are continuing to change the medical profession. Doctors can help their patients achieve their health goals with more accurate and comprehensive medical information made available by digital technology, while patients are now more confident with the medical care their physicians provide.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: A Dentist’s Solution for Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad BreathHave you ever been in a situation where you were having a few laughs with friends when, suddenly, your nostrils are assaulted by a foul smell only to realise that it is your breath? It is not the most pleasant experience, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it. While many people experience bad breath, with proper care, the condition is easy to be rid of.

Here’s what trusted Dental practices like Smile Spa have to say about it:

Health Conditions May Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is not like a virus you can catch from the people around you. It occurs because of the negligence of oral hygiene or an underlying health condition.

It could be the result of a mouth infection, dry mouth, tonsil stones or active reflux, for example. On the other hand, it could be the side effect of certain medications or a poor diet. In fact, the National Health Service has said that eating habits, such as fasting or cutting down carbohydrates may lead to it.

Whether it is because of a health condition or the food you eat, dentists would always encourage you to practice good oral hygiene.

Good Oral Hygiene Is a Reliable Solution

Most bad breath issues can be resolved with the practice of proper oral hygiene.

First, pay more attention to your tongue when brushing your teeth because the odour might be coming from accumulated bacteria on it. Second, drink a lot of water because a dry mouth may foster bacteria as well. Finally, don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly so as to get rid of food particles which, again, may foster bacteria.

If bad breath persists even if you practice good oral hygiene, however, it may be time to talk to your local dentist about it.

Hair Loss: Loss of Confidence and Self-Esteem

Hair Loss

Hair LossCelebrity hair stylist James Brown, in rather harsh irony, noticed his hair beginning to thin when he was in his early 20s. He wore a trademark hat to cover up his baldness and felt too distressed to show his receding hair in public. It took him 20 years to summon the confidence to seek treatment and talk openly about his problem.

James is only one of the millions of people affected by hair loss worldwide. Two-thirds of men eventually experience hair loss related to male pattern baldness. In the UK, that means 7.4 million men lose their hair at any one time. That may also mean that the same number of people are at risk of experiencing mental and emotional upset.

A 2005 study revealed that hair loss can trigger a devastating psychological breakdown, such as feelings of ugliness and worse — body dysmorphic disorder.

People deal with baldness differently, but for James and many others, the experience can be genuinely troubling.

Hair Loss and Impaired Quality of Life

Several London hair transplant clinics offer recognised treatments, such as FEU transplant, that can mitigate the consequences of hair loss. James took advantage of this treatment, but what could have happened to him if he had not had the courage to seek help?

The ‘enormous emotional burden’ of becoming bald may sometimes lead to low self-esteem, mental disorders and can compromise one’s quality of life. Some may feel an actual sense of loss and lose their way in life. In 2006, MP Mark Oaten identified hair loss as the trigger for his ‘mid-life crisis’ and the crippling anxiety in his personal and professional life.

‘Hair loss ruins people’s lives,’ shared Audrey Patterson of the Guild of Hairdressers. ‘They cannot imagine anyone thinking anything about them except that they have a bald head.’

While many wear baldness like a badge of honour, others struggle to prevent it from taking control of their lives.

Changing Attitudes Toward Transplant

Owing to successful hair transplants on celebrities such as Louis Walsh, James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney, transplant procedures have steadily gained more public acceptance. Meanwhile, research continues to change attitudes that see hair loss purely as a cosmetic problem.

Those who share their emotional pain about hair loss help people to realise that treatments are more than mere vanity measures. Hair loss can have a far-reaching impact on one’s well-being, and it is time for those suffering from hair loss to consider treatment and take steps toward a better life.

Broken Promises: The Ex, the Kids, and the Right Way to Deal

Co-Parenting PlanDivorce is a tough situation for everyone – especially the kids. The idea that Mom and Dad will no longer live together is hard to accept.

Fortunately, co-parenting makes the ordeal easier. The children need not worry about not seeing both parents; through an efficient co-parenting plan, they can still see Mom or Dad during set periods (depending on who is the non-custodial parent).

The set-up is easier on everyone.

But what if the other party makes promises they can’t keep?

Anatomy of Broken Promises

For, a family law practice, broken promises are regular scenarios in most co-parenting cases. Regular yet unfortunate. The non-custodial parent, to cope with the separation from their children, would make grandiose promises to the kids.

Unfortunately, most parents end up breaking their promises – the supposed trip to the beach never happens, the non-custodial parent fails to attend the graduation ceremony, and so on. It might seem like a small concern, one you can easily make up for.

On the contrary, it’s a bigger issue.

Why Promises Matter

Your ex is not the kids’ only parent. Half of the time, they expect their parents to fulfill their promises. Whether it’s a trip or a material object, they know their parents will keep it. Should they fail to deliver, they at least offer an explanation.

When your ex fails to do either, it will confuse the children. Could they still depend on their non-custodial parent? Does Mom or Dad still love them? If so, why do they keep breaking their promise?

During such scenarios, it’s the custodial parent’s responsibility to validate the children’s feelings. Still, they should do so without disparaging the non-custodial ex.

But how?

The Right Way to Deal

Start by setting a good example. If your ex fails to keep promises, always keep yours. This shows them that at least one of their parents always pulls through. When you can’t, do not hesitate to tell them. Children appreciate honesty.

Also, talk to your ex about it. Explain the children’s side and (calmly) ask them to keep their promises. After all, you both want the best for the kids.

The ex might’ve broken their promise to stay with you till death do you part, but when it comes to the kids, keeping a promise matters – crucially.

Seating Arrangements to Consider for Your Event

Planning seating arrangements One of the factors of success of any event is communication, whether if you are presenting a business or hosting a dinner. The speaker or host may have all the charm he or she needs to dazzle an audience, but they are only one part of communicating in events. One of the things to look into when planning special occasions is the seating arrangement; because the latter may have a positive or negative impact.

Events managers cite that hotel function rooms may have all the décor and equipment needed, but these seating arrangements may make or break your event.

Theatre Style

This is the simplest arrangement that a lot of event organisers use, this reflects the seating in cinemas or theatres with chairs in straight rows. The pros of this are that the seats are facing forward and in the direction of the front of a room. This also allows you to maximise the seating capacity of the venue you booked. However, this has cons which include no provision for taking notes or eating plated food, and you need to create aisles for accessing the seating area.


This arrangement is much like in a lecture theatre or school, with trestle tables and chairs in straight rows. This style has similar benefits to the one mentioned previously as the seats face forward in the direction of the front of a function room. However, this allows for taking notes and plated food and beverage consumption. One of the disadvantages of this style is that it closes an audience in, making it difficult for them to enter or leave.


This seating arrangement is much like its classroom-style counterpart, but the rows of tables and chairs angle inwards. Some of the positives of this are that the seats are facing toward the podium and allow for eating, drinking and note taking.

These are just a handful of seating arrangement to consider when planning an event. The position of the tables and chairs play a major role in how speakers communicate and connect with their audience.

Prepare Your Metal Surface for Corrosion Protection

Metal Surface PreparationMetal surfaces are susceptible to rust and corrosion. To protect such surfaces, you can use protective paint coatings or other corrosion protection systems. However, before you can apply such protection, the experts at Euro-Blast NZ Ltd recommend that you first need to prepare the metal surfaces for the application of the coatings.

Preparing the metal for the protective coating

You need to prepare the metal surfaces of structural materials, vehicle bodies, and other metal items so you can make sure that the coatings would adhere to the metal surfaces. Any contaminants and residue on the surface would result in poor coating performance.


You can use hand and power tools to manually clean surfaces. You can use scrapers or wire brushes, although these tools are relatively ineffective in cleaning surfaces. Alternately, you can use power tools like percussive reciprocating needles, right-angle grinders, and rotary abrasive coated flaps. Just make sure that you know how to use these tools efficiently.

Using Chemicals

Power tools offer a good way to clean surfaces, but you can also use acid pickling. Acid pickling involves immersing the metal surface in a solution of inhibited acids. The method can be 100% effective, and can clean off all rust and contaminants. Experts use this technique for cleaning structural steel.

Using Abrasion

Perhaps the best way to prepare metal surfaces for coating application is abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting shoots material such as sand or garnet at high speeds to clean surfaces such as metal. You can use abrasive blasting for your surface preparation, but make sure you have the proper safety equipment and tools.

Get Professional Help

Preparing a metal surface is something you can do on your own, but the process poses several health hazards and risks. It would be best to consult professionals who can do these and even apply the protective coating on your metal items. You can find such a specialist here in New Zealand who could meet all your surface preparation needs.