3 Common Reasons For Safety Switches That Keep Tripping

Faulty Electrical WiringSafety switches or residual-current devices (RCD) are designed to monitor the flow of electricity that passes through a circuit. The switches automatically shut off the electricity supply to prevent electric shocks and to protect the circuit. This indicates that electricity is leaking to earth, which can potentially be fatal.

Laws now mandate safety switch installations on power and lighting circuits.

While safety switches minimise electrical hazards, they can also bring activities to a complete halt if they are constantly tripping. In most cases the issue is simple to rectify. But, in other issues you may need an experienced Palmyra electrician according to Fullyampedelectrical.com.au, or other professional in your area to conduct an electrical analysis.

The following are common reasons for why a safety switch trips including fixes to address the situation.

1. Faulty Appliances
Appliances gradually begin wearing down with extended use over a period of time. Damages or electrical faults in an appliance are one of the main causes of safety switch tripping. Troubleshooting the issue is relatively straightforward but requires a bit of trial and error.

Start by unplugging all appliances from the power point. Then reset the safety switch and proceed to reconnect the appliances until the switch trips again. This will allow you to immediately identify the appliance that is causing the issue.

2. Nuisance Tripping
Homeowners increasingly have a number of electrical devices connected at one time from televisions to computers and kitchen appliances. The combination of these together become more and more substantial until it causes the safety switch to eventually trip. The issue becomes more prominent especially in older properties.

The most obvious solution is to limit the number of appliances connected at any time. Another alternative is to consider rewiring the property but this should only be handled by a licensed electrician.

3. Faulty Electrical Wiring
Electrical wiring deteriorates over an extended period of time which causes the insulation around it to become brittle. If appliances are not the cause, faulty wiring could be the issue. Safety switches dramatically reduce electrical hazards by shutting off the current immediately.

Older properties are at higher risk of faulty wiring. The only solution in this case is to have the property rewired and the electrical cables replaced. Even newer properties are susceptible to these issues as rodents could be chewing through the wiring system.

A qualified Mount Lawley electrician or licensed professional in your area will be able to assess the electrical wiring for your property and carry out repairs or replacements.

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