3 Ideas for Raising the Beauty, Livability and Value of Your Home

House Exterior In PerthRemodelling or adding to your home has at least two major positive effects—that is if you do the job right. First, it makes your home look and feel like new, renewing your comfort and happiness in living there. Second, the addition or remodel raises your property’s value.

Here are some of those benefits and a little advice on how to achieve them:

Installing a Good Fence

Not all houses need fences, and not all locations allow them. If you can install one without breaking the law, however, a good fence is a good investment. Don’t install any fence; think about its functionality and style, and how it complements your home’s appeal. Especially if you have a landscaped garden, a fence is something you have to seriously think about. It keeps animals and intruders out, and your pets and kids in. A metal fence is a good idea, especially if you have it customised to fit your needs. Even if you have to get the details done with milling machining in Perth, a good metal fence is always worth the investment.


You may think that a pool is a better investment than landscaping, but it all depends on the preference of your potential buyers. Not all would want the cost of hassle and maintenance that comes with owning a pool, so unless it’s one of your family’s dreams to have one, skip the pricey pool. You’ll be spending only a portion of that money if you got your lawn landscaped instead. Homebuyers love a landscaped lawn or garden, though. They can imagine how much a homeowner cares about their house if the exterior is well taken care of. A landscaped garden makes your house more beautiful, relaxing and appealing to buyers.

Kitchen Remodeling

You don’t have to spend a fortune remodelling an old kitchen. What’s important is it looks new, comfortable, inviting and family friendly. It helps to have more light in there too. The lines that connect it to the rest of the house are also responsible for making your old kitchen look smaller than it is. An open design that leads directly to your living area is a good choice when you remodel. Most estate agents agree that a new kitchen is typically good news for homebuyers.

These are three of the best things you can do for your house, whether you’re after a more comfortable home you can be proud of or a higher value for when you decide to sell.