3 Times Poor Customer Service Would Destroy Your Business

Customer Service in New ZealandIf you don’t put a premium on customer service, then that’s just bad news. No matter how much time, energy and money you spend on streamlining your operations and improving the quality of your product, everything would go down the drain when you don’t place excellent customer service right at the core of your brand.

Good or bad, the way you deal with your customers has an impact. But sadly, not every action has an equal reaction. Negative experiences always weigh more than the positive ones. As a matter of fact, statistics show that you need to deliver 12 pleasant experiences just to make up for one bad experience. Some customers are even willing to pay extra just to guarantee they’d be satisfied with the service they’d receive.

If you’re still unconvinced with the damaging power of poor customer service, here’s a couple of eye-opening truths:

Bad Service Sends Customers Away

Providing subpar customer service tells your clients to take their business somewhere else. To think that price and product quality are the top reasons consumers switch providers is a terrible misconception. Many customers wouldn’t hesitate to go to your competitor if they’re unhappy with the way you deal with them.

Word of Mouth Is Powerful

If you underestimate the influence of negative reviews, just watch how your public image go sour after one customer bad-mouths you. Before, unhappy campers would share only their sentiments to their friends and family, but the case is different now with the Internet — bad publicity can spread quickly like forest fire.

Unless you have zero value to your reputation, taking customer satisfaction for granted is off the table.

Resolution Doesn’t Necessarily Beget Positive Experience

Your customers would reach you because they have a problem and they want it fixed. Resolving their issue, however, only takes care half of the job. If your representative is rude, has no empathy or just lacks communication skills, there’s a great chance your customer would end up unsatisfied. In business, the end doesn’t always justify the means.

Putting your customers at the heart of your company is more than necessary. While it takes hard work to put the spotlight on customer service, tapping the services of a trusted contact centre in New Zealand or Australia like TheCallCentre.co.nz is a good start to have hundreds of skilled brand ambassadors waiting to assist your valued clients.