5 Surefire Ways to Land the Job of Your Dreams

 Strategies for Finally Getting That Job in LondonLet us be honest; finding a job in today’s market — this ever-changing marketplace — is next to impossible. Many uncertainties lie ahead in a challenging recruitment market and the world’s economic status is definitely not helping. Life must go on, however, and you have to pay your bills.

How exactly do you do a task that is nearly impossible to accomplish? Experts weigh in their top five ways to find a job quickly:

1. Be friendly.

Simply because you e-mailed your CV to a hundred different companies does not mean you are guaranteed to land a job. There are probably hundreds of hard and soft copies of CVs out there, and you are lucky if the company will pick yours. The point is it pays to have a foot by the door, a connection within and a friend on the sides. You are more likely to get noticed if someone who already works for the company puts in a good word for you.

2. Go back to school.

Not as a student, of course. What this means is you should try to connect with fellow alumni and see how they are faring. This is a good way to expand your network and, even if you do not get a job opportunity from them, you still have a chance in case they find an opening in the future.

3. Make yourself visible.

Event participation is another solid strategy that can help you in the future. Better yet, KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd says that you should start interacting online and attending events hosted by recruitment agencies. You will be surprised at how many doors it will open for you.

4. Use social media.

This is the digital age, so why not use today’s technology to serve your purpose. LinkedIn is a good resource for potential work opportunities, so why not start updating your profile. Even Facebook has its merits, so do not knock it until you have tried it.

5. Understand what you are looking for.

This time, instead of looking outwards for a job, it is likewise important to focus on yourself. What job are you looking for? When you picture yourself working, what job do you imagine yourself doing? Relying on others is important, but do not forget, the one person who can get you through that final interview — you.

There are enough jobs in this world, but the problem is not many people know how to look for them. Make sure you leave your doors open for any opportunity because you will never know when it will come.