5 Ways to Make Commercial Heating Systems Sustainable

Commercial Heating Systems Heating eats a large portion of any facility's energy budget. That's all right, but only to a certain extent. About 30% of HVAC power in an average commercial building goes to waste, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This means that being more sustainable in the way you heat your facility can have a huge impact on your monthly bill. The following guide may apply in your case:

Thermostat Settings

If you are still using the conventional thermostat, you need to upgrade to the programmable version. Its installation allows you to schedule heating according to the usage of your facility. Of course, there are many models in the market. UtahHeatingandCooling.com noted that HVAC professionals could help you get the best possible type of thermostat for your needs.

Change Filters Often

Failing to check your filters every three months may be the reason your energy bills are high. Dirty filters block the free flow of air throughout the system. If possible, you should change the filters monthly. This simple sustainability exercise can reduce energy bills by as much as 10%.

Scheduled Maintenance

In line with filter replacement, you may want to get your system maintained regularly to control energy costs. Problems with insulation, thermostat, and ducts can make energy bills skyrocket. With regular maintenance by a licensed professional, your commercial heating will be on the sustainable path.

Upgrade to ENERGY STAR Products

Your heating sustainability efforts may not yield much if your facility still uses equipment that has been in operation for the last 15 years. If your heating system is old, consider replacing it with ENERGY STAR products to get an efficiency improvement of at least 5%.

Train Building Users on Sustainable Behavior

Not many property owners focus on this point yet all commercial heating components are controlled by users in one way or another. Make sure you train every facility users about the importance of sustainable use of heating facilities.

These points are not exhaustive, but they can definitely change the tide you are currently experiencing in the form of uncontrollable heating costs. Apply them either individually or in whole and share your experience with others.