8.3 Million Americans Suffer from Serious Psychological Distress

Group experiencing Psychological DistressMore and more Americans are suffering from some form of a serious psychological disorder (SPD), according to a new study published in the Psychiatric Services journal. They found that around 8.3 million Americans have stress, anxiety, or depression that is serious enough to require medical treatment.

Researchers based the study on data from 2006 to 2014 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They also found other important information about the phenomenon.

Too Poor to Afford Treatment

The study also shows that a lot of people who are suffering from SPD can’t afford general medical treatment. They are three times less likely to afford general healthcare and are 10 times less likely to afford medication than those who don’t have SPD.

Anxiety medications or therapy sessions are the most common forms of treatment. Some companies like Insight Nutrition, however, have developed natural supplements for anxiety and stress to provide safe products to address their customers’ health challenges.

Recession and Lack of Facilities Might be the Cause

According to the study’s lead researcher Judith Weissman, the 2007 financial crisis may explain the sudden spike of people reporting forms of SPD. Weissman also stated that the lack of professionals who can treat these mental health issues might also be one of the reasons why the numbers are skyrocketing.

Increased Access to Mental Healthcare may Save the Next Generation

Weissman calls for changes in medical policies. She said that the government should also make mental health care more accessible and its coverage more comprehensive to save the next generation from the ever increasing problem. This will make getting treatment easier for those who cannot presently afford it.

Since more and more Americans are suffering from a form of serious mental distress, the government should be more vigilant in providing solutions to address this problem. People suffering from it, meanwhile, may seek medical treatment, a change in their lifestyles, and other safe alternatives to ease their distress.