A Sacred Space: Making a Home Altar Uniquely Yours

Home AltarWouldn’t you like a place to pray within your home? While your place may just be a few steps away from the community church, it’s still a must to have a sacred space in it for those family prayer times.
In putting up a home altar, you have to keep the solemnity of the space, and make it uniquely yours at the same time. Real estate marketers, Proveneo Land, Inc, offers more ideas to help you do just that.

Keep It Quiet

Pick a spot away from distractions. Don’t set up an altar near the noisy entertainment or party areas; it’s a place to pray. So, when you and your family go there, make sure nothing will keep you from doing that. It’s also smart to choose a quiet space for it. While some may prefer to put it near the dining or living area, set a few dividers to make the spot exclusively for prayer.

Decorate It

Native manufacturers make icons of saints and the holy family out of wood and plants, such as rattan and abacca. While you may think they’re only for nativity seasons, you may put them in your altar just the same. After all, the holy family is a timeless reminder of faith.

When setting up, put a small chalkboard to write Bible verses on. Flowers, candles, and handmade rugs make good decorations as well.

Bless It

Bless it by praying in it, every day. Also, bless it by inviting others to do the same whenever they go for a visit. The point of putting an altar in your home is to practice your faith. It’s natural for you to want to make it look great and feel holy, but if it’s not serving its purpose, what’s the point? Make it yours as you put your faith into action, and share it with others.

More than a cultural artifact, a home altar is a symbol of faith –your faith. Keep it sacred and beautiful, and make sure you use it well.