A Sports Match: Teeth Are The First Line of Defence Against Injury

Sports Mouth GuardPlaying sports is fun. However, accidents can happen, especially in the more physical sports. No matter how careful or skilled you are out in the field or on the court, you could still end up taking a blow. By taking precautions, you and your teeth can stay intact even while playing your favourite sport.

Playing It Safe

Statistics show that athletes collectively lose around 5 million teeth every year. But did you know that basic protection can decrease the frequency and severity of a sports accident? Even minor oral injuries can cause hassle to some players, so it would be prudent to take preventative measures against accidents.

Dentists recommend keeping teeth protected by wearing a helmet or face cage. They can help prevent oral-facial injuries during high-risk sports. In fact, wearing a mouth guard has helped avert more than 200,000 mouth injuries in a year.

The Need for Added Oral Care

The lack of basic protection while playing sports can lead to unpleasant injuries. Some combat sports could push a player’s teeth sideways. It is possible a player to chip or fracture a tooth during forceful contact with players in a match. Various dental procedures can solve these problems, but the easier alternative is for players to treat their mouths with a little extra care.

Atheletes should be responsible enough to ask their dentist for added oral maintenance whenever they play sports. Bowhousedental.co.uk also reminds patients of the importance of optimum oral care before they return to the field.

Accidents in sports are inevitable, but your teeth do not have to suffer. Adopt preventive dental measures so you can focus on getting your head in the game. You’ll be thankful you took the time to protect your teeth when you flash your winning, dental injury-free smile at the end of the season.