After the Love is Gone: Why You Might Need a Family Law Attorney

Family Law AttorneyNo one gets married with the intent to end it in a few years’ time. But, that does not mean it’s impossible to happen. Divorce and separation are something that can happen when you least expect it. When that time comes, one of your “allies” would be a family lawyer.

Areas of Concern

While you can also seek the services of a family law attorney when you have questions regarding legal requirements before you can get married, they are more often called when the issue at hand concerns child custody, child support, and divorce.

Colorado Family Laws

Colorado is one of the states in the US where family laws can be considered as different in some aspects. For one, it follows the principle of “best interests of the child” when it comes to child custody cases. This means that the courts believe that it is to the child’s best interest if both parties would be able to have continued and frequent contact with the child. That being the case, Colorado also decides mostly for joint custody in order to give some semblance of equal time for both parents.

A family law attorney in Denver, Colorado would also likely deal with no-fault grounds when it comes to divorce cases. Simply put, both parties are not required to provide sufficient ground beyond irreconcilable differences to prove which party is at fault.

While some states do not provide rights to the grandparents of the child in case of a breakdown in the marriage of the parents, Colorado has a different take. In fact, a family law attorney might also have to deal with grandparents seeking visitation rights. This is because Colorado recognizes the rights of the grandparents to see their grandchildren. There is a limit to this, however, as the parents are still the sole decision-maker when it comes to how they would raise their children.