Aligning Issues on Wheel Alignment

wheel alignmentWhat makes a car unique is not just its sleek body or engine power. The wheels also make a difference in its identity, speed, and reliability. Specially designed and manufactured wheels fit in many famous brands like Porsche, Audi, and Rolls-Royce.

Fuchsfelge rims and wheels matches this niche. Custom-built for the demands of high-powered vehicles, these accessories have since become legendary since the first Porsche 911 used them in the early 60s. Still, The Fuchsfelge USA insists that no matter the type of wheel, they are useless if your car has misaligned wheels.

Here is a discussion on this issue.

Wheel Alignment

While having the appropriate wheel is important, it is also important that the car has a proper wheel alignment. Your mechanic should check this regularly. This is to ensure that the wheels are perpendicular to the surface of the road, and the wheels are parallel to one another.

Modern Automation

In modern vehicles, this function is automatic, but if it is not, then manual checking is necessary. Take note that this is not the same as wheel balancing, which is just managing the balance between the rim and tire.

Saves Fuel

Correct alignment saves you precious fuel. When the alignment is not right, the pressure on the tires is uneven. The car faces more friction and has to work harder to move ahead. This causes consumption of more fuel than usual. In contrast, if they are in alignment, then there is less resistance, resulting in a smoother ride.

Protect Tires And The Suspension

Excess friction puts more pressure on the tires. They wear out faster and become bald. You might have to replace them with new tires sooner. This is not a manufacturing defect so the warranty will not cover the cost of the new tires. Additionally, the brake system may not function correctly, and it will strain the car’s suspension further.


It is not safe to drive if the wheels are out of alignment, because the car will tend to pull in one direction. This is not a safe situation and you will endanger the lives of the occupants of the car and innocent bystanders, too.

It is advisable to have the wheels aligned at least once in six months. You should also check if the car veers to a particular side when the steering is straight.

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