Are Pizza Vending Machines the End of the Pizza Industry?

Pizza Vending MachineIt seems that the national food, the good old’ sloppy hamburger, is about to be overrun by pizza soon enough—as the first pizza vending machine is about to go mainstream.

According to Pizzeria Vecchia, the first ever pizza machine in the United States is referred to as the “Pizza ATM.” But, instead of shooting out bills, it will provide hungry college students in Xavier University with some homemade pizzas fresh out of the machine.

What You Need to Know

Concerns over this almost absurd vending machine have recently made rounds where it was reported that Paline, a European Company, started this innovation. But, apparently, the whole vending system isn’t yet fully automated. And the reason the Pizza ATM is located near the kitchen of the Xavier University is because the pizza itself is still prepared by the staff in the college. So, what’s happening here is that, chefs still bakes the pie and then feeds it to the machine for distribution.

A Trend that Can Boost the Industry

At a glance, the invention of pizza machines could easily mean the obsolescence of pizza places—but in application—the Pizza ATM can instead raise the cheese and tomato industry to higher levels. The mainframe of the machine is capable of processing 70 pizzas at once. This is exciting news for a lot of restaurant chains because it translates to faster service. The service crew can feed in premade pizzas even before their shops open and leave the machine outside for a 24/7 operation.

Small Beginnings for a Huge Crowd

The Pizza ATM in Xavier University has encouraged not only its students to try the service, but also anyone looking to verify if the vending machine can really match the actual thing. Currently, a 12-inch pizza cost around $9 to $10 depending on the additional toppings.

“We were looking for a cost-effective way to solve this problem of having a late-night pizza option on campus. We liked the idea of being the first school to have this high-quality machine,” Xavier Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah said in the interview.