The Art of Cake Decorating Made Easier

cakeWhen you look at pictures of stunning cakes, chances are you will find yourself wondering why it is so difficult to achieve the same level of artistry when baking at home. Well guess what? You do not have to attend pastry school to be creative. It might help, yes, but you can do the same with a little practice.

Industry leaders like My Little Angel – Cake Decorating & Supplies says practice and all the right baking essentials will take your skills up a notch or two. Here’s how:

Use Every Opportunity to Practice

It is easy to bake a cake—all you need is a recipe and you are good to go. If you already bake regularly and really just need work on presentation, then use every opportunity to practice your frosting and other decoration skills.

Follow these tips to proceed smoothly:

Get your frosting right; you have to make sure it will hold up.
• If your creation has a dome, trim it off to get a flat surface. Once done, flip it over and make what was previously the bottom part your top surface. Now you have a perfect flat surface to work on.
• Before getting started, make the base stable for the now bottom layer by placing a small bit of frosting on the plate. Use skewers if you would like for it to remain stable. This is necessary if you are decorating a cake with multiple tiers or layers.
• Apply a thin layer of frosting and refrigerate it again so that you get a clean surface to work on.

Decoration Tips

First things first; you need to have a cool surface to work on so that the frosting or fondant stays at a desired temperature. This is especially necessary if you would like to practice elaborate piping and intricate floral designs.

Taking your design skills to the next level is so much easier because there are so many tutorials on the Internet. Sites like YouTube and the online portals of various food magazines present all kinds of guidelines and tricks to help with your goals.

Remember that the sky is the limit when it comes to baking. All you really need is to get some practice and use your imagination to the fullest.

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