Aussies’ Mindful Ways of Eating Ice Cream

In Australia, the holidays call for easy living, food on the grill, and many frozen desserts. Just like turkey, Christmastime isn’t complete without a scoop or two of your favourite Peters ice cream from Melbourne. Whether you’re arranging a big sundae bar for a party or simply digging in at home, here’s how Aussies savour the delicious decadent concoction:

delicious ice cream

Eating Ice Cream isn’t a Race

Eating slowly doesn’t mean taking it to extremes. Remind yourself that eating isn’t a race. Take the time to savour and enjoy your ice cream. If the family mealtime is too important a chance for conversation, then introduce a quiet meal or snack time into your day when you can enjoy eating ice cream in silence.

Pay Attention to Its Flavour

The tanginess of a butter pecan, the richness of the classic vanilla, and the crunch of macadamia – paying attention to the flavour and texture of your ice cream is a great way to start eating mindfully. When you eat and go, or force to finish the dessert in less than five minutes, it’ll be hard to savour all the different sensations of eating it.

Savouring your favourite ice cream from Peters is a simple commitment to appreciating and enjoying the dessert. Eat in silence, and explore its tastes, textures, and smell in detail.