Bed Bugs at Home: How Did they Get In?

Bed Bugs in Salt Lake CityThe presence of bed bugs at home is not necessarily due to uncleanliness or poor housekeeping. The truth is, anyone can have or pick up bed bugs at any place. They can be from stores, offices, hotels and you may unknowingly bring them into your house with an infested furniture, clothing, luggage, purses, or clothing. These creatures also travel through wall and floor cracks between apartments.

Bed Bugs and Pesticide

The sad part about bed bugs is that once they enter your home, they can be difficult to eradicate. You will need the service of a bed bug control specialist to control the infestation. Note that the use of bugs bombs is not advisable, as it can only push them into neighboring apartments or houses. It can also be dangerous if not used properly and spread chemicals in your home.

Mostly in the Bedroom

While these tiny little creatures can hide almost anywhere, they are usually found in the bedroom. Bed bugs like to stay in the beddings, edge of mattress, and even pillows. They may also be hiding in the box springs, bed frame, including your headboard and footboard. Salt Lake City bed bug control experts note that can also hide in other furniture pieces, nightstands, windowsills, and inside the drawers.

Looking Closely

As bed bugs are small, about the size of an apple seed, it best to use a magnifying glass when looking for them. A flashlight is also beneficial when looking in dark areas. Be sure to check upholstered furniture, cushion, and window treatment like curtains. It is also possible that they are hiding in loose wallpaper, carpet edges, and wood trim moldings.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation, don’t try to treat the problem on your own. The key to eliminating bed bugs is early detection, along with cleaning, inspection, and the use of the right treatment plan. A pest management company also uses methods like steaming or targeted use of the pesticides. The right technique will depend on the severity of infestation.