Bending for Relief: Eliminating Post Workout Muscle Pain

Recovery WorkoutWorking out offers that familiar feeling of having achieved something. However, after the training is done for the day, you’re left with sore pain in your muscles. You rely on the protein shake you ordered online to make you feel refreshed.

Why don’t you consider trying a recovery workout? Yoga is an ideal way to lessen body sores and muscle spasms after a hard workout at the gym.

Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge)

Begin by doing adho mukha svanasana or the downward-facing dog. Step forward with your right leg in a high lunge position and put your foot in between your hands. Raise your arms above your hand and place your hand together in a namaskar or prayer position. Ensure that your toes and knees line up.

Slowly bring your left knee down and slide your left leg back as much as you can. Your foot must be flat on the floor and your heel must be up.

By this time, you will feel a wonderful stretch in your groin and the top of your left thigh. Just like before, make sure your right knees and toes line up. To exit in reverse, do the high lunge again and then the downward-facing dog. Repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend C)

Start by standing with your legs at least four feet apart. Maintain pigeon toes, wherein your heels are out and your toes are in. Intertwine your fingers behind your back, then inhale.

Stretch your spine while slowly looking up at the sky. Exhale as you carefully bend forward from the hip. Go down as much as you can, so the crown of the head faces the floor.

Relax your shoulders and neck while you allow your head to hang there. Maintain straight legs and have your knees pushed back. In case you have injuries, you may keep your knees soft. 

Yoga is one of the best post-workout exercises to try, because it does not stress joints and it comprises of extensive stretching that relieves muscle strain.