Better Business: Shipping Large and Bulky Items Like a Boss

Large ShippingMany online sellers shy away from selling big, bulky items for a single item. They’re scared of the time and money costs of bulky parcel delivery. But what about e-commerce stores that offer big-ticket items, such as antique furniture, exercise machines, and sporting goods? How can they benefit from selling their products?

Let’s be real. Shipping big items has its own challenges. Obviously, it’s going to cost more to ship large items and you will have to be more careful with the packaging. The biggest thing you have to look out for is to make sure that the items are shipped properly. This prevents the item from mishandling and damages while in transit.

Once you find the right shipping partner, Atom Logistics and other experts list what you need to do to make sure your parcels are safe and secure until they reach your customer’s doorstep:

1. Wrap it.

Use plastic bubble wrap or tissue to keep the item free from dirt or grease coming from the warehouse. If shipping multiple items or if the product is disassembled into many parts, wrap each item individually.

2. Box it.

Make sure you find the right size of the box for your item. Large boxes cost more, so be sure to tally up the price of the box when doing the pricing for your items so that you’re not selling at a loss.

3. Pack it in.

Use packing peanuts, Styrofoam sheets, or even rubber to pack your item into the box and prevent it from moving around. This ensures the item reaches your customer free from cracks, dents, or other kinds of damage.

4. Secure it.

A generous double layer of packing tape that seals all open corners can go a long way in making sure your box doesn’t open up accidentally while in transit. For large and heavy items, you may even use plywood to secure the outer layer.

5. Insure it.

Make sure your shipping partner provides shipping insurance, which can be useful in protecting high-value items.

Selling and shipping bulky items can entail more work, but if you know how to handle the shipping properly, it can all be worth it.