Black and White and Read All Over

NewspapersYou can’t deny the importance of the news. As you go through each day, you feel the need to be updated with current events. Because of the fast-paced lifestyles that people have these days, the way you receive your daily news might vary. Most of the time, people think that digital is the best way for you to hear about the news these days. However, digital news articles might not be as efficient as they seem.

The news in print vs. the news online

Because of the digital age, electronic resources such as websites and social media have gained strength as platforms for information sharing. Many journalism companies have acknowledged this potential, as seen in the rise of online newspapers and periodicals in the past decades. While the internet has become a medium for sharing the news, it still boils down to people’s preferences when it comes to reading the news. And most of the time, people still prefer reading the news off of broadsheets every morning.

Most of the time, your access to online news comes from links shared by your friends on social media. Social media hosts different kinds of shared content – links, blog posts, photos, videos, you name it. Most of the time, people browsing through social media encounter all of these shared content, which leads them to scrolling through their feeds for longer periods of time. Because of this, they don’t have enough time to read through actual articles; when it comes to news articles shared online, they end up just reading the headline, and they miss out on the actual details of the news.

How to keep reading the news

This is why most people still choose to read the news in print. Their focus isn’t divided among different kinds of shared content. With newspapers’ layouts, your focus and attention are solely on the most important news of the day. Also, you won’t waste time scrolling through posts that might not even be worth your time. With newspapers, all you get are the news that you need to know.

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