Breast Augmentation: The Things You Need to Know

Breast Augmentation in United StatesStatistics show that approximately 16 million cosmetic procedures take place in the United States every year. Among these techniques, breast augmentation is the most common surgical procedure. In fact, almost 300,000 individuals in the country have undergone augmentation mammoplasty in 2015 alone.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical technique to increase breast size. This is a long-term solution to saggy, misaligned and disproportionate breasts. It enhances the shape, balance and contour of the body. The cup volume and chest circumference ensure that patients will have the appropriate breast size.

How Should I Prepare for Breast Augmentation?

Doctors advise the necessary preparations for breast augmentation. note that they perform a comprehensive physical examination and diagnostic testing to assess the preoperative condition of their patients. Diet and medications one week prior to the operation follow regulations to avoid complications. Furthermore, intake of anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic drugs is strongly contraindicated before surgery.

What is done during Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery involves a series of techniques to reduce perioperative pain. Anesthesia induces sleep and minimizes operative pain. An incision may take place around the nipple, below the breast crease or near the armpit. When an entry point is present, doctors insert an implant into the breast pocket. This is either made of saline or silicon, which has sufficient resistance to external pressure. The shape may also differ from round, teardrop, textured and round textured. When the doctors achieve proper position and direction, they close the incisions through sutures or adhesive tapes.

Many women undergo breast enhancement to achieve complete tissue fullness and symmetry. Through modern techniques, post-operative discomfort and tenderness reduce. Recovery time is also faster through less invasive techniques. Thus, it is crucial to find a cosmetic surgeon with sufficient skills and training in breast augmentation procedures.