Why Having Car Tints Might Just Save Your Life

car tintFor car owners, one of the choices they have to make after the purchase is whether to have the windows tinted or not. Both have its benefits, of course, but you may just have to go with car tinting. Why? Here are the reasons.

As we all know, the heat and the sun can sometimes be very intense in areas like Perth. Especially on long rides, you can feel the heat creeping in and the sun beating down on you even if you have all your windows tightly shut and the car AC is in full blast. Now tinted windows will definitely solve all that discomfort. Add to this the fact that car tints have UV protection, effectively protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Another reason to go for car tinting is safety and security. The dark tints will protect you from the prying eyes and effectively conceal the items that you leave inside. People wouldn’t be able to peek through the windows and give you the privacy that you need. Best of all, installing car tint will reduce the chance of windows shattering if and when there is a collision. The firm film will hold the glass and prevent it from flying out.

Now there are different kinds of tints. You can have just the simple dark ones, but there are also mirrored tints, which is a bit fancier. Of course you also have the choice of installing it yourself or letting the professionals do the job. It’s a fairly easy job, but if you are willing to pay the price typical rate in Perth range from $300 to $400, which is not bad for something that you will be benefitting for the longest time.

Installing car tints can be tricky, though, especially if you are not that familiar with the process. It usually begins with thoroughly cleaning the windows. Other than that, the car glass is also treated to prepare it for the installation of the film. You then need to get the exact measurement of the windows for the cutting of the material.

The film is then gently laid on the window and doused with a special solution. Finally the outer layer of the film is peeled away, leaving the tint on the window. Leave the film to dry before taking out your car for a drive.

Sounds easy enough? Well, not really. It is still best to let the experts handle this for a truly job well done.

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