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Why a Classic Muscle Car is not a Common Sight in the UK

Muscle Car

Such a shame, don’t you think, that London doesn’t exactly get a fair shake in the number of American muscle cars on the street compared to the land that made such brute beasts part of its motoring culture. There are a few modern makes that you can buy locally, but compared to what our American neighbours enjoy, the UK is sorely missing out.

Not Too Easy to Get One from the States

Even if you set your mind on importing one of those beauties from that jolly time when nobody truly cared about petrol prices and emissions, when gigantic engine displacements mattered more than fuel efficiency, you’d be forced to drive with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

Besides, if you think importing a piece of American motoring history (make no mistake about it, the muscle car is as American as apple pie and McDonald’s) is cheap, think again. By the time the car arrives, you’ll be paying for all sorts of history on the rarest of these machines.

Highly Expensive on Auction

To prove this point, consider a few of these original muscle cars that fetched heaps of dosh at some important auctions:

1967 Shelby GT500e Super Snake

This isn’t the insanely beautiful and speced-out Super Snake in that forgettable Ethan Hawke + Selena Gomez movie ‘Getaway’. This one was so pricey in 1967 that nobody ordered a single car. This is the rarest muscle car, because only one was ever sold, at a recent auction, for $1.3M. The modern Shelby Super Snakes destroyed in ‘Getaway’ amounted to less, a total of $1.23M.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 427 LS6

One of the most recognisable cars that epitomised that era of muscle cars, and still one of the most sought-after among collectors. With its 427 LS6 under the bonnet, this is the best Chevelle ever built. In 2013, someone took this home from an auction, for $1.15M.

1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible

Only 11 of these were ever made, and only two were fitted with a 4-speed stick. This one that was sold at an auction in 2014 was the only one left with the manual, as the other one’s whereabouts are unknown. For that history and more, the winning bidder took this baby home for only $3.5M; probably the highest price ever paid for a classic muscle car.

Almost brings you to tears, doesn’t it? You can still have a muscle car driving experience in the UK, though, if you know where to find a company that offers such a distinctive encounter.

Until it becomes easy and cheap to get such lovelies on British soil, paying to drive one for a weekend is the closest you may get to a quarter mile behind a roaring, high-displacement V8.

Quick Guide to Buying Your First Recreational Boat

A Yacht Going Through the SeaRecreational boating is an activity every member of the family can enjoy. While it offers bonding and adventure, it also gives you an opportunity to develop your skills and craftsmanship while you navigate the waters.

Buying a boat is a significant financial commitment, with the average cost is over $65,000 in 2012. If you haven’t owned a boat before and are planning to buy one, here are some quick tips that can help you out.

Intended Activities

According to D&R Sports Center (Boats Center), whether you are looking to hit the lake with your buddies every weekend or you’ve decided to explore the pro tour, there is a boat for you. Cruising boats are for entertaining guests while fishing boats have open cockpits in the back to maximize the deck for fishing. Watersports boats are for people who want to try out watersports such as water-skiing and wakeboarding.

Buying Used or New Boat

It’s better to shop through brand new boat firs, especially if this is your first time. It will give you an idea of the type of boat you like as well as their original market price. You can effectively compare prices once you move on to pre-owned boats.

The Best Time to Buy

Buying a new model right after it came out can cost you a fortune. You can find a better deal if you buy a new boat that is one or two years old. There are also year-end specials as well as show specials at different annual boat shows across the country if you’re looking for better prices.

Test Driving

Like cars, you can test drive boats after you’ve narrowed down your search to a few. You can always ask the assistance of your boat shop to do so. Seeing the boat in person and driving it can make all the difference when you are torn between two models.

Buying a boat is a big financial decision. If you’re planning to buy one, make sure you are aware of the other expenses involved in owning one, such as insurance, maintenance, and docking fees.

Prepare Your Metal Surface for Corrosion Protection

Metal Surface PreparationMetal surfaces are susceptible to rust and corrosion. To protect such surfaces, you can use protective paint coatings or other corrosion protection systems. However, before you can apply such protection, the experts at Euro-Blast NZ Ltd recommend that you first need to prepare the metal surfaces for the application of the coatings.

Preparing the metal for the protective coating

You need to prepare the metal surfaces of structural materials, vehicle bodies, and other metal items so you can make sure that the coatings would adhere to the metal surfaces. Any contaminants and residue on the surface would result in poor coating performance.


You can use hand and power tools to manually clean surfaces. You can use scrapers or wire brushes, although these tools are relatively ineffective in cleaning surfaces. Alternately, you can use power tools like percussive reciprocating needles, right-angle grinders, and rotary abrasive coated flaps. Just make sure that you know how to use these tools efficiently.

Using Chemicals

Power tools offer a good way to clean surfaces, but you can also use acid pickling. Acid pickling involves immersing the metal surface in a solution of inhibited acids. The method can be 100% effective, and can clean off all rust and contaminants. Experts use this technique for cleaning structural steel.

Using Abrasion

Perhaps the best way to prepare metal surfaces for coating application is abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting shoots material such as sand or garnet at high speeds to clean surfaces such as metal. You can use abrasive blasting for your surface preparation, but make sure you have the proper safety equipment and tools.

Get Professional Help

Preparing a metal surface is something you can do on your own, but the process poses several health hazards and risks. It would be best to consult professionals who can do these and even apply the protective coating on your metal items. You can find such a specialist here in New Zealand who could meet all your surface preparation needs.

3 Ways to Ensure a Successful Roadtrip with Family & Friends

Road Trips Holidays are a time for good cheers and road trips. It is also one of the worst times to be on the road; in fact, many road accidents occur during holidays. Nevertheless, this should not deter you from enjoying a road trip.

All you need is preparation.

Have your vehicle serviced before the trip

It is critical to service your vehicle before heading out on a road trip. Have a credible motor repair expert check the car for worn out brake pads and broken headlights.

Have the tires inflated as well to improve fuel economy and optimise vehicle performance. A thorough cleaning afterward erases any grease and dirt marks on the car.

 Consider passenger comfort

For an enjoyable trip, be sure to keep the passengers comfortable. Have them wear a comfortable seatbelt, and for children, booster seats.

Safety belts are essential as they protect you and passengers in case an accident occurs. Have the children sit in suitable supporters depending on their weight and age. To avoid distractions, you may provide the children with games, snacks and portable DVD player to keep them occupied. Comfortable passengers demand less from the driver, enabling you to focus more on the road.

Know your bearings

Having the correct map saves you time and energy. Frequent stopping to ask for directions can also instil fear in your passengers. Study the map in advance and if possible take a ride beforehand to familiarise yourself with the road conditions. By doing so, you will be more confident when driving.

In addition, make sure you are acquainted with the traffic rules of that location to avoid any unfortunate incidences. Drive at the recommended speed, stay in your lane and give way to other vehicles and pedestrians.


Road trips are an exciting way to spend time with family and friends. By observing proper road etiquette and making the right preparations, you can arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Simple Strategies to Improve Your Car Ownership Experience

Car OwnershipMany people fail to ensure a proper and regular car maintenance routine, and it tends to lower their car owning experience. The article highlights some critical factors to help you keep the car in excellent shape.

Cars make a superb means of transport for a vast majority of people. Car breakdowns result in the severe inconvenience that carries a financial implication. Other than the repair costs, you might have to shoulder expensive taxicab fares. If you were used to having a car, you certainly would not appreciate riding the bus. As such, you should do everything in your power to keep your vehicle running well.

Watch how you drive

Undeniably, your driving style bears a considerable influence on the state of your vehicle. Movie star driving antics such as speeding over rough patches and cornering at high speeds is a sure way of running down the car. Such behaviour stresses all the component systems of the vehicle, resulting in extensive and costly damages. Despite the size of your engine, you need to adhere to proper driving etiquette. Not only does it ensure your safety and that of other road users, but it is also gentle on your wallet as well.

Prioritise preventive maintenance

Car maintenance is the key to extending the lifespan of your vehicle, and as such, you should adhere a regular servicing schedule. A quick perusal of you owner manual provides you with excellent maintenance strategies. Manufacturers make recommendations to help you ease through the process. It also helps not to ignore or put off any repair needs. Rather, you should tend to them as soon as they arise. If you suffer a roadside breakdown, you can count on a mobile car repair service to come to your rescue.

Choose an excellent repair service

You will get the level of service you pay for when fixing your car and as such, pick one that delivers exemplary service. Not only does that ensure your car runs smoothly at all time but also your safety on the road as well.

With proper maintenance, you get to keep your car running properly and to extend its lifespan. As such, you need to pay particular attention to this critical part of car ownership.

Do You Need Swiss Type Turning Machines? Here’s How to Know

Precision MachiningCNC Swiss precision products were once considered niche machines, but more and more job shops are turning to them instead of the regular CNC machines.

Although there’s quite a steep learning curve to using Swiss-type machines, shops are starting to realize they can increase cost-effectiveness and productivity when they invest in Swiss lathes to be used for the right kinds of jobs.

Understanding Swiss-Type Turning: What is it for?

A Swiss-type turning machine feeds the stock through a guide bushing. This allows the OD turning tool to cut the stock very close to the guide bushing. This allows the machine to make heavy cuts, but still keep the accuracy of dimensions, notwithstanding the length of the workpiece. Because of this, Swiss precision products are deemed very effective for turning long, slender parts that are used in industries such as medical, electronic, and military.

What are the Business Benefits of Swiss-Type Turning?

Swiss machines are highly effective in producing smaller batches. Often times, they let you move on from one batch to the next simply by loading a different program. In conventional turning machines, small jobs as a problem, as well as the need for skilled operators who can set up the machines. Swiss-type lathes can continue working even without human operators. As long as the bar stock lasts, the machine can turn without human supervision.

How to Transition from Conventional to Swiss-Type Turning

Swiss machines have a sliding headstock that feeds a bar stock through the guide bushing. This is what differentiates it from conventional machines. And it is also what employees get easily confused with in the beginning. The proper training and education of personnel are important if you’re going to switch to Swiss-type lathes. Sometimes, job shops go the extra mile to hire at least one person who specializes in Swiss-type products.

If you have zero experience in Swiss-type turning, the best way to get started is to start simple. Invest in an entry-level machine that provides all the basic features to help you and your employees learn the ropes of Swiss-type machining, without getting entangled in all its complexities.

Holiday Drive: Give Your Car the Gift of Proper Maintenance

Proper Car Maintenance in ArvadaThe Christmas season is a busy time for most people. Families drive out on long road trips to spend precious time with loved ones, for example. These trips can quickly add to the wear and tear of your car, however. This holiday season, minimize (if not completely avoid) the instances of unexpected breakdowns and ensure a smooth, stress-free journey with these suggestions.

Check the Oil

Look at your vehicle and determine if it’s due for an oil change. Pickering’s Auto Service says that an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles significantly lowers the possibility of breakdowns that lead to costly repairs, increases gas mileage, and keeps warranties valid.

In addition to an oil change, monitor the oil’s temperature. Motor oil thickens in cold weather and makes it difficult for your engine to start. To avoid this scenario, use multi-viscosity oil that has a “W” (for winter) in the viscosity index. Typical formulas best suited for modern engines are 10W-30, 5W-30, and 5W-20. They all offer good oil flow at colder temperatures and are usable year-round.

Keep the Battery in Good Shape

When mercury plummets, your vehicle’s battery takes a beating as cold temperatures decrease its cranking power. To inspect a conventional battery, check the fluid level by taking off the plastic caps on top. Add distilled water when the fluid is low.

For maintenance-free batteries, confirm if the window at the top of the battery is showing a fully charged state. If it’s showing signs of weakness and/or if it’s more than half a decade old, replace the battery with a newer, top-rated model.

Clear the Windows

A frost-covered window won’t allow you to see where you’re driving clearly, endangering you and everyone else on the road. Before heading out, scrape away frost using an ice scraper. To help prevent your windshield from fogging up, ensure that the heater is functioning properly so that you can use the warm air to defrost the windshield.

During the holiday season, things can get busy and you may be overwhelmed with all that you have to do. With these suggestions, you can avoid vehicle breakdowns and accidents that can sideline you from the important things. 

Climbing Up to Safety: Ways to Make Stairs Safer

Stairs SafetyYour stairs are one of the most important components of your home. Other than their utilitarian function, they can also be an aesthetic feature. Building stairs, however, should be considered carefully. This is especially true if you have kids and elderly people at home.

It is important that you make your modern staircase safe. Basically, this can be done by getting rid of the factors that may cause slips and falls. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Put a Balustrade

This is the simplest thing that you can do to prevent falls and other sorts of accidents. If you’re too conscious about the appearance of your stairs, don’t worry! Balustrades come in different designs. There will surely be one type that will suit your home’s theme. There are wood, glass, and metal. If you’re using railings, make sure that the distance between the vertical beams is not too loose. Otherwise, your kids or pets may fall through the gap.

Keep the Steps Safe

When it comes to stair treads, you need to make sure that the tread and the riser are of different shades. Otherwise, people may trip, especially if it’s dark. Other than using different shades for these stair parts, you can also put some tactile hints, such as tread covering or mats. A textured mat can provide you with a grip when you step on the tread.

Install Lights

If the staircase area gets dark during specific times of the day (other than nighttime), you may install lights to guide you and your family. These lights can be placed along the balustrade or under your stairs’ treads. If it’s impossible to install lights on these locations, you can install them on the wall.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your stairs safe. Before building a new staircase or repairing a new one, it would be wise if you consult a reliable contractor and a safety professional.

What Style of Car Do You Need?

Buying a Car in PetoskeyThe thought of buying a new car is exciting, but the hundreds of choices can be overwhelming. One best way to narrow down your selection is to decide on a body style. It is a good idea to learn which one fits your lifestyle or suits your daily needs.


Fletch's GMC Buick Audi note that a sedan offers more flexibility than a convertible, as there is enough space for more people in the back seat. Four doors are also necessary if you plan to include kids in the future. Young kids can sit comfortably in the back without any difficulty regarding climbing into and out of the vehicle, which is a major issue for cars with only two doors.


Those who like to make a statement choose this style of car. If you want an eye-catching ride or a vehicle with an expressive design, a convertible is right for you. Note, however, that choosing this means sacrificing on practicality. Some convertibles only accommodate one passenger. If the car of your choice has backseat, know that there will be issues to accessibility.


The main advantage of this car is the seating capacity. It is a good choice for those who want high seating position, ease of entry and exit in the car, as well as increased visibility. A family with more than four members may benefit well from an SUV, but note that more weight and height bring issues stability and fuel economy.


If you’re looking for a car that can better accommodate up to eight passengers, a minivan is the right choice. While a jumbo SUV offers more cargo space, there is better comfort in a minivan. If you worry about the dull character of such vehicles, note that there are now options that provide better driving pleasure. You just have to do your research.

Choose a style that rings true to your lifestyle and budget. Just be sure not to sacrifice comfort and size for design. If you think that SUV or a sedan is much better for the family, don’t choose a coupe or a convertible. Get help from a reliable dealership to make a sound decision.

3 Car Buying Secrets that Ensure a Smooth Experience Every Time

Car Dealership in ArkansasMany people often walk into a car dealership without adequate knowledge and information about the car they want to buy. The article highlights some of the steps take when buying another vehicle to avoid costly mistakes.

With time, the wear and tear on your car make it uneconomical to run as the repair costs escalate. If the thought of shopping for a new car fill you with dread and you keep postponing the process, you have a gap that needs filling.

Many people often dread the process of dealing with silky smooth sales representatives who wax lyrical in car talk, often outclassing the buyer at every turn. In many cases, many people end up changing their minds after a seller convinces them to buy a different car.

Brush up on your car knowledge

While cars are complex machines with hundreds of moving parts, you hardly need to know them all. Rather, you only need to understand the most crucial elements of the car such as the engine capacity and type and the transmission. With many credible and authoritative sites and individuals offering reliable advice, you have a wealth of learning materials at your fingertips. Sparing a few hours every day will have you knowledgeable about cars in a relatively short time.

Define your vehicle needs

Rather than buying a car because it is in vogue or carries an affordable price tag, make a list of your preferable make and models. Examine each car by its merit and as well and it demerits until you get the right fit for your needs. While such an approach might seem tedious, it keeps you from making rash decisions that could ruin the car owning experience, explains an expert from

Stick to the budget

Many buyers often become starry at the car shop often to blowing through their finances. When browsing through the various used cars for sale in Arkansas, make sure to define your budget and stick to it. Otherwise, you are likely to mess your finances for a long time or risk a repossession.

Buying a new car can prove tedious and overwhelming to the unsuspecting buyers. However, with a little preparation, you can improve your chances of driving off in the most suitable car.