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Seating Arrangements to Consider for Your Event

Planning seating arrangements One of the factors of success of any event is communication, whether if you are presenting a business or hosting a dinner. The speaker or host may have all the charm he or she needs to dazzle an audience, but they are only one part of communicating in events. One of the things to look into when planning special occasions is the seating arrangement; because the latter may have a positive or negative impact.

Events managers cite that hotel function rooms may have all the décor and equipment needed, but these seating arrangements may make or break your event.

Theatre Style

This is the simplest arrangement that a lot of event organisers use, this reflects the seating in cinemas or theatres with chairs in straight rows. The pros of this are that the seats are facing forward and in the direction of the front of a room. This also allows you to maximise the seating capacity of the venue you booked. However, this has cons which include no provision for taking notes or eating plated food, and you need to create aisles for accessing the seating area.


This arrangement is much like in a lecture theatre or school, with trestle tables and chairs in straight rows. This style has similar benefits to the one mentioned previously as the seats face forward in the direction of the front of a function room. However, this allows for taking notes and plated food and beverage consumption. One of the disadvantages of this style is that it closes an audience in, making it difficult for them to enter or leave.


This seating arrangement is much like its classroom-style counterpart, but the rows of tables and chairs angle inwards. Some of the positives of this are that the seats are facing toward the podium and allow for eating, drinking and note taking.

These are just a handful of seating arrangement to consider when planning an event. The position of the tables and chairs play a major role in how speakers communicate and connect with their audience.

For Newbies: Critiquing a Theatrical Performance

Play in BrisbaneIf you want an alternative to TV dramas, movies, and online videos, a theatrical play is an ideal option. This well-established performing art gives other forms of entertainment a run for their money because of its rich history and heritage.

Getting interested in plays and theatrical shows in Brisbane is one of the gateways to becoming a person of culture — someone who appreciates the arts and its other forms. If you want to document your experience, here are some things that will help you in this endeavour:

The Right Play

You need to pick the right play. Otherwise, you won’t be able to appreciate it. In turn, you won’t be able to create a memorable review for your first play. Being a starter, experimental plays and other presentations that involve elements from performance arts may be a bit of stretch for you. Regardless, it’s still your call. Experts recommend plays with a simple, but an excellent plot and fine acting.

Remember and Take Note

While watching the theatrical performance, you may want to take note of the key scenes in each act. This will help you remember the story, the scenes, and the characters — the elements you can use when writing a review. Never attempt to document the play with a video camera. It could be illegal and it will surely annoy other spectators.

Develop Your Own Voice

Once you saw and appreciated the performance, it’s time to write your first critique. Keep it simple. Now, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making this piece. Write a strong thesis statement; a general statement about the theatre as a whole. Afterwards, support it with your judgment. You can be upfront and honest about it, but be careful when using jargons. Remember that you’re still a newbie.

Watching a theatrical play is a worthwhile experience, but you can immortalise that experience by documenting it. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind because they will surely come in handy.

A Sports Match: Teeth Are The First Line of Defence Against Injury

Sports Mouth GuardPlaying sports is fun. However, accidents can happen, especially in the more physical sports. No matter how careful or skilled you are out in the field or on the court, you could still end up taking a blow. By taking precautions, you and your teeth can stay intact even while playing your favourite sport.

Playing It Safe

Statistics show that athletes collectively lose around 5 million teeth every year. But did you know that basic protection can decrease the frequency and severity of a sports accident? Even minor oral injuries can cause hassle to some players, so it would be prudent to take preventative measures against accidents.

Dentists recommend keeping teeth protected by wearing a helmet or face cage. They can help prevent oral-facial injuries during high-risk sports. In fact, wearing a mouth guard has helped avert more than 200,000 mouth injuries in a year.

The Need for Added Oral Care

The lack of basic protection while playing sports can lead to unpleasant injuries. Some combat sports could push a player’s teeth sideways. It is possible a player to chip or fracture a tooth during forceful contact with players in a match. Various dental procedures can solve these problems, but the easier alternative is for players to treat their mouths with a little extra care.

Atheletes should be responsible enough to ask their dentist for added oral maintenance whenever they play sports. also reminds patients of the importance of optimum oral care before they return to the field.

Accidents in sports are inevitable, but your teeth do not have to suffer. Adopt preventive dental measures so you can focus on getting your head in the game. You’ll be thankful you took the time to protect your teeth when you flash your winning, dental injury-free smile at the end of the season.

The Odds Aren’t in J. Law’s (And Your) Breath’s Favor

Bad Breath CaseThe prospect of sharing a passionate kiss with Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence is THE dream for her admirers. But her on-screen partner Liam Hemsworth, who played Gale in The Hunger Games, begs to differ. In fact, he considers it a nightmare.

“Anytime I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable,” he admitted on The Tonight Show, referring to her breath issues.

Jennifer admits to consuming garlic or tuna meals before her make-out scenes. Fortunately, the co-stars just laughed it out. But for most people, bad breath is no laughing matter. It results in social struggles and episodes of embarrassment.

The Root of All (Breath) Evil, a local family dentist, says nine out of 10 cases of foul breath originate from the mouth. In some unique cases, bad breath originates from other medical issues of the body, which includes lung infection and liver disease. Mouthwash and breath mints are convenient solutions, but to totally resolve it, find the root cause.

As Jennifer Lawrence found out, some food and drinks trigger that unpleasant smell. Garlic, onion, coffee, and alcohol are the primary culprits. If you’re a big fan of smoking, it’s time to quit, especially if you want minty fresh breath.

Some people think fasting is the best solution — it’s not. When you stop eating, the mouth becomes dry and encourages the release of foul-smelling substances.

How to Stay Fresh All Day

One of your best bets in preventing foul breath is easy — stay hydrated and add fresh foods (e.g. apple, parsley, or celery) to your diet.

Regular oral hygiene is also a sure way to avoid bad breath. Apart from keeping the breath fresh, your goal is to eliminate all harmful bacteria. Allowing these microorganisms to reside in your mouth results in tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

Brush and floss twice a day and stay away from sugary treats. Also, visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups.

So, did Jennifer ever apologize to Liam for her bad breath? Not really. “[For] Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, yeah, I’ll brush my teeth,” she joked.

Experience Luxury: Events in Brisbane

Luxury HotelAll the beautiful memories in your life consist of not only the people and moments, but also the venue where it happened. No matter the date and the time, the memories will always be there and the place where it happened will always be special. Which is why picking the right venue to make these memories is very important.

Good thing is that there hotels and venues in Brisbane like The Regatta Hotel that can help you make such events unforgettable.

Experience luxury on your special day

Luxury is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. No, it is not only for the rich and the famous but for everyone who wants to have a memorable experience. Whether it’s a wedding proposal, the wedding itself, a celebration of a golden wedding anniversary or just a simple get-together with friends, everyone values cosiness and privacy. Hotels offer such experiences topped with great tasting food.

For your other events in the future

Having experienced great memories in such hotels, you would also consider it for your other future plans and events.

Choose where you want to experience your moments have it in a Boatshed for alternative ambience, or go classy in the Front Bar and Street Café. You can also have your own magical experience at the Courtyard ala Disney Princess or just chill and relax with your friends in the Gaming Room. You can relax and socialise however way you want it and when you want it.

These hotels have the right venue for your particular special set of moments. Just choose the one that you like and let the place witness the magic of your experience.

Things to Consider When Planning for Your Wedding

Wedding Day

Wedding DayPlanning your wedding is an exciting time. Let your personal style come out on this day as it is one of the most significant days of your life. Planning ahead is an advantage to you as you can get your hands on practically everything that you have desired. Here are key things to check.

Wedding rings

A wedding ring is crucial for nuptials, so it is important to plan and budget for it early. Find the right token of love by having wedding bands designed to your personal taste. There are some things to consider such as the type of metal you prefer or if you want matching bands with your partner, among other concerns.

Wedding photos

Taking wedding photos should be handled by professionals because you will not want to take a gamble on one of the most important days of your life. You don’t only need someone with the right skill, but you also need a friendly and bold person to direct photography to get fantastic shots, reminds a photographer from Kelly Adams Photography.

Wedding dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most notable gowns that you will wear. Choose a bridal consultant that will listen to your specific needs so that you get to pick a dress according to your preference, and that reflects your personal style and flatters your body. As for your bridesmaids, they all have different body shapes so pick out dresses that will make each one of them look great and feel comfortable.


Choosing a wedding theme is fun as you experiment with different ideas to show off on your big day. Make sure the theme appears on the invitation cards if you expect the guests to dress the part. The cake is a big part of the party, and the theme should reflect on it too.

When planning for your wedding, make a list of the important things that you will need, then go ahead and secure them before the important day.

Choosing a Cream Base for Your Soup – What to Consider

Cream Based SoupCreating a good meal requires patience and attention to detail. Part of an excellent meal is in the quality of soup you can make. Apart from the Chef’s secret ingredient, every great soup starts with the excellent base. The thickening agent you choose for your soup can either make it or break it. The following tips come in handy when choosing the right cream base for your soup.

How it works

Soup thickening agents apart from reducing make use of starch as its main thickening ingredient. This makes excellent cream bases for soups. Starch turns viscous when heated with a neutral flavor making it useful for use in different foods. It is always important to ensure that the starch is properly cooked.

Use whitewash

This thickening agent is composed of flour and water mixture, which is then added to the soup or sauce. It is best for foods that need to be served immediately. Besides, additional flavors need to be used to break the bland nature of this cream base or thickener.

Cornstarch slurry works perfectly

In these cases, cornstarch replaces flour that was used in the first instance. Add cold slurry to a hot boiling soup as you stir to avoid forming lumps that come about when dry corn is added to the mixture. It is a better base since the loss of flavor is less significant.

Choose the right roux

It makes one of the finest bases that will get you excellent soup. Choose the right type, which could be white, blond or brown. Learn how to cook it properly and use butter, canola oil or olive oil. However, you should bear in mind that they type of oil you use a significant impact on the flavor that results. Avoid clumping by ensuring that the roux and the soup you want to thicken are in direct contrasts.

Not every person can cook well. You should be open to improving your skills by learning from the experts. Understand how to make a great soup and have people coming for more.

3 Common Myths About Bodybuilding Busted

Bodybuilding MythsIn bodybuilding, there would be a lot of information and misinformation floating around. Unfortunately, some easily believe them. It is much easier to believe self-proclaimed experts than do your own research after all. If you want to go into bodybuilding the right way, you have to be properly informed. To help you get started, here’s a compilation of the most common myths in bodybuilding:

1. You need to lose weight before bulking up.

They say that losing fat, which is usually done by lowering your calorie intake, and gaining muscle at the same time is unrealistic. While losing fat before gaining muscle is ideal, you can do both simultaneously. The key is to increase your protein intake. You need to make sure that you eat protein for breakfast, during snacks, before and after a workout, and for dinner. Taking supplements like protein whey powder would likewise help.

2. You have to train until you cannot anymore.

It’s true that bodybuilding is about testing your limits. Most of the time, your body will end up surprising you with its strength and endurance. You don’t need to have a “train until failure” mindset, however. Push yourself and increase the intensity of your lifting every time, but do not force it to a point where it will be difficult for your body to recover.

3. You cannot be a bodybuilder if you’re over 40. Or if you’re a woman.

This is probably the biggest misconception of all. You can still gain muscles after 40, and women can be bodybuilders. While it’s true that ageing can affect training, older men and women can still do it regardless of age. You can still gain muscles if you train properly. The more challenging part is maintaining them, though, so you need to observe consistency in training and diet.

Many people would tell you half-truths about bodybuilding. Don’t be too quick in accepting and following them. You also need to remember that people have different needs, so what works best for them may not be the best for you. Lastly, always put in mind that there are no shortcuts in bodybuilding.

3 Top Gift Ideas for the Busy Single Parent

GiftMany single parents will not think of themselves, but of their children. Which is why giving them gifts are such a treat because they can be so appreciative, especially if the gift is something they can enjoy with their children. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving them gifts that are especially for them.

A Piece of Jewelry

Admit it, this is probably the last thing you would get them because they’ve told you that the kids might lose or break them. Consider though that they will not buy any jewelry for themselves due to the same reasons and budget constraints. This makes earrings, necklaces and bracelets the ideal gift. Whether you’re shopping locally or online, for instance, you might want to buy them a moissanite from jewelry shops near your area.

A Trip to the Spa

Go for a relaxation and rejuvenation package that will give them the pampering they deserve. Choose a popular but affordable spa that can provide their favored treatments and scents. Give them a gift certificate, so they can schedule and to do their own reservations. After all, for a gift of this nature, rushing is a no-no.

A Free Trip

Rent a trailer or camper and ride out to a beachfront, a far-off trailer park, or a campsite. Bring out the grill, empty that picnic basket, and serve the drinks. Depending on where you ended up, spread the blanket and put up a tent or open the beach umbrella. After eating, feel free to lounge about and relax.

Single parents need appreciation. Remind them that these are luxuries that are sometimes put on hold because of their busy schedules and you do have them in mind when you got them the gift. As long as it’s from the heart, you can’t go wrong with these suggestions.

Breast Augmentation: The Things You Need to Know

Breast Augmentation in United StatesStatistics show that approximately 16 million cosmetic procedures take place in the United States every year. Among these techniques, breast augmentation is the most common surgical procedure. In fact, almost 300,000 individuals in the country have undergone augmentation mammoplasty in 2015 alone.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical technique to increase breast size. This is a long-term solution to saggy, misaligned and disproportionate breasts. It enhances the shape, balance and contour of the body. The cup volume and chest circumference ensure that patients will have the appropriate breast size.

How Should I Prepare for Breast Augmentation?

Doctors advise the necessary preparations for breast augmentation. note that they perform a comprehensive physical examination and diagnostic testing to assess the preoperative condition of their patients. Diet and medications one week prior to the operation follow regulations to avoid complications. Furthermore, intake of anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic drugs is strongly contraindicated before surgery.

What is done during Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery involves a series of techniques to reduce perioperative pain. Anesthesia induces sleep and minimizes operative pain. An incision may take place around the nipple, below the breast crease or near the armpit. When an entry point is present, doctors insert an implant into the breast pocket. This is either made of saline or silicon, which has sufficient resistance to external pressure. The shape may also differ from round, teardrop, textured and round textured. When the doctors achieve proper position and direction, they close the incisions through sutures or adhesive tapes.

Many women undergo breast enhancement to achieve complete tissue fullness and symmetry. Through modern techniques, post-operative discomfort and tenderness reduce. Recovery time is also faster through less invasive techniques. Thus, it is crucial to find a cosmetic surgeon with sufficient skills and training in breast augmentation procedures.