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Minimalist Talk: Using Negative Space on Your Web Design

Web Design Written on a PC MonitorWhen you were young, design is a very simple thought. You had this impression that you need to fill the space with embellishments and items that don’t have a purpose at all. But if you come to think of it, design is all about function. That means you need to eliminate the items that serve as obstruction—the things that get in the way of optimal user experience.

When it comes to this, one of the best practices that you can execute is the usage of negative space. Negative space is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about maximizing the functions of your website. Here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Break down your content

Specialists in graphic design in Salt Lake City, Red Rider Creative, advise that you break down your content into bite-size pieces to make reading much easier. A long continuous text will bore the reader and will make it look like a big block of a nuisance in your blank canvas. What you need to do at this point is create bullets or subsections.

Use images

If you’re using a small amount of text, you need to complement it with visual aids. High-resolution images will look good on negative space. They will help make your website more user-friendly, knowing that many users are visual people. You may feel the urge to us photographs of the same size, but you can always break this self-imposed rule. Create variety and make your image feed enjoyable by using materials of different sizes.

Use color blocks

Keep in mind that negative space is not always equal to white. You can always use blocks of colors to make things much more interesting. When it comes to this, you must use colors that complement your brand’s colors and text elements.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when using negative space on your web design. Before finally implementing a design, don’t forget to test it to find out how you can further improve it.

Enhance Your Medical Practice with Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health RecordA few people may argue that the need for pen and paper is still present, but when it comes to the tracking of patient care, digital technology seems to have taken over. Increasing numbers of hospitals, practices, clinics, and physicians are transitioning to the use of electronic health records (EHR).

Tracking and Management

Now, it may or may not be your first-time encountering EHR. Regardless, physicians use electronic health records—computer software—to track patients throughout all the stages of their care and to manage basic practice functions such as appointment scheduling and patient billing. You may take note that an EHR is different from an electronic medical record (EMR). The latter refers to only the clinical functions of an EHR.

Replacement of Paper Records

You may or may not like the idea of the electronic health record, but EHRs can satisfy the needs that may arise in a medical practice. You can take into account the fragility, costliness, and inconvenience of paper records, and you may see how they are extremely inadequate for medical practice today.

Practice Improvements

With EHRs, you can greatly enhance the quality of care , efficiency, and productivity of your medical practice. You can easily update and send patient information electronically. As a result, you can communicate with other clinicians and insurance providers quickly. You can have access to all a patient’s information in a centralized system.

Care Enhancements

Patients can benefit from electronic health records as much as physicians can. EHRs provide a quicker process with regards to patient information. EHRs can store the complete medical histories of patients, so patients can avoid redundant testing and receive more accurate care.

Unlimited Possibilities

You can choose one product that perfectly fits your medical practice. Once you have your software, you can even complement it with additional software such as a dragon software that enables voice recognition. The latter addition allows physicians to use their EHR for speech-to-text documentation.

With an electronic health record, you can bring improvements to your medical practice.

3 Things to Prioritize to Improve Your SEO This Year

Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization (SEO) is growing and will continue to grow even further this 2017. If you’re an online marketer or a business owner, you’ll know how important your SEO strategy is for you to get as many customers as possible. 

Here are some essentials things you need to keep in mind this year so you can further improve your site’s SEO value and see more customers running to your business:

Organic Searches are the Most Important

Organic search is still the main source of traffic, beating out paid searches, backlinks, and the like. That’s why if you haven’t yet, it’s time to hire a reliable SEO agency in Encino to step up your game and rank higher than ever before. Omni Media noted that SEO experts know how to climb up the search results organically. This is crucial this year because Google is putting more emphasis on organic searches than paid searches.

Social Media Isn’t Slowing Down

Social media will continue to play a vital role in your online marketing campaign because user activity and engagement are still rapidly growing and are not showing signs of slowing down. People spend most of their time online browsing through their social media feeds. It’s time to put an emphasis on growing your followers and posting engaging materials. You can also work with social media influencers and offer online-exclusive deals to make your social media campaign more effective.

The Faster the Better

People don’t have the time to wait for your site if it doesn’t completely load in three seconds. It’s 2017 and it’s unacceptable if your site’s loading speed is still a problem. Better hire a web designer to fix this problem and make sure all components of your web page are optimized for your site to load before potential customers lose their interest.

Make sure you have all these covered to welcome 2017 with a bang and make sure you’re on top of your online marketing game.

Are MacBooks Made for Hipsters Hanging Out at a Coffee Place?

Mac Computer in New ZealandThe question has been floating around for the past couple of years — ‘Are Apple products, or MacBooks, to be specific, made for hipsters hanging out at a coffee place?’

With the beautiful craftsmanship of a MacBook, it is easy to see why it has become popular. Despite its edgy hardware, common hard drive issues and screen problems may occur. A Mac repair shop in New Zealand lists down possible repairs a MacBook may need:

  • Disassembling
  • Memory upgrades and/or replacement
  • Hard drive crashes
  • LCD replacement
  • Hinge replacement
  • Old case replacement
  • OS upgrades
  • Software issues

Hipsters, given their lack of depth, when it comes to technology, are more than likely to seek repairs when panicking over a MacBook malfunction. Since most hipsters choose the MacBook for its user-friendly software and aesthetic appeal, it is unlikely they know much about computer specifications. Well, that’s the assumption.


A netizen comments how Apple devices have immediate brand recognition. And for some, MacBooks are a way for these people to maximise their uniqueness. A handful of people on the internet agree that hipsters hang out in coffee shops with their MacBooks for people to recognise them.

Another point to make about Apple devices is how it is the brand of the youth. Older people, too, are choosing to use MacBooks because it makes them look younger. Similarly, it is about the brand, although MacBooks are the choice for people specialising in graphics.

Conclusion: Are MacBooks for Hipsters in Coffee Shops?

Many responses have come up online, both serious and comedic answers. Constant debates are up on the internet until now. This involves the comparison and contrast of PCs and Windows versus Apple and the iOS.

It is one thing for a person to carry the hipster label, and another to have a MacBook while sipping a frappuccino in a trendy coffee shop.

In all seriousness, the MacBook is a computer that does not serve to comply with the needs of a serious developer or user. Its popularity relies on its sleek design and convenience — which is not a bad thing, at all, especially for hipsters.

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglary

Home Security Tools in HoustonBurglars are everywhere, trying to find homes that are empty and easy to break in. It’s your task as a homeowner to put them off and stop them from trying to victimize you. Your home should be protected, especially when you’re sleeping, out for an errand, or away for a vacation. Here are some things you can do to keep your home secured at all times and discourage burglars from trying to break in and steal from you.

Install a Security System

When you have alarm systems and security cameras, North Star Home and other security system providers noted that burglars are more likely to cross your house off of their list of prospects. This is because they now find it difficult to break in when there are alarms around your home. The ideal places to install alarms are near your home’s entry points. These will go off and notify the monitoring center immediately if there are any security breach or suspicious activity.

Be Clever with Your Lights

To prevent burglars from breaking in at night, you need to place lighting fixtures in and around your house strategically. If you have motion detectors outside, much better. Place outdoor lights near your home’s entry points, including doors and windows, to detect unwanted visitors. If you’re going out for a while, you can also leave one indoor light open to trick burglars that the home isn’t empty.

Keep Your Keys Safe

Never ever leave a spare key near the front door. Some people think this is harmless, but burglars can easily enter your house if you do this. If you can, try having multiple locks on your front door. A combination of a dead bolt, lockset, and security chain is preferable. You must also be careful when handing out keys to your baby sitter or neighbor. Make sure you don’t give them all the keys to avoid big risks if ever someone steals the keys from them.

Follow these tips to have peace of mind about the safety of your house and the entire family. Act now before burglars try to break in.

Hackers? Effective Hacks to Protect Your Website

Protect Your WebsiteWith the improvements in technology, it's no secret that we are vulnerable to hackers. This is the reason more and more websites are becoming a victim. Well, you still have it in you to protect your website — and you’ll find out how to do that here. 

Update Your Software

Many business owners think that that this is not necessary. But, the only time that would be wasted is the time that you would spend trying to rebuild your site from scratch. Expect the worst things that could happen if you don’t update your software. You should always make sure that it works properly. 

Use Preventative Maintenance Software

According to Mainpac, having quality preventative maintenance software is the same as having armor for your body. It means you’ll be able to know if someone’s threatening the safety of your website — and have chances to prevent the hack. Keep your website safe and secure at all times. 

Monitor your site

You probably use CCTV at home or at the office — so why not try to use web tracking tools to monitor your site, too? By keeping an eye on your site, you get to know what’s going on, who’s looking at it, what they’re saying — and if they’re actually plotting to take it away from you.

Use SQL Injections

Here’s the thing: If humans have vaccines, your website could make use of SQL Injections — or codes that check whether web pages are being used to access your website’s parameters. They’re undetectable, and they show you data that contain information about possible hackers as well. 

Be mindful of error messages

The information that you input once those error messages show up onscreen should be well thought of, too. Never give away personal details — and never ask for them, as well. This way, hackers won’t be able to determine who you really are, where you’re from, and how easy it would be for them to take control of your IP Address.

You see, prevention is better than facing the serious consequences. When your site is well-protected, you get to make sure that it won’t be hacked — and that it can be used for a long time.

Worried About Training a Distributed Workforce: Consider E-learning

E-LearningFor entrepreneurs, the issue always remains how they can improve and provide adequate training for their existing employees. However, no matter how dispersed the workforce is, you can choose to train them with e-learning. The numerous eLearning development tools will help you understand the benefits of training your employees remotely. Moreover, the eLearning development tools will also provide you with the required methodology to develop proper learning modules. So Velpic recommends that you train your employees with the help of e-learning.

Some Advantages Of E-learning

Certain benefits of e-learning especially with a dispersed work force are as follows:

  • E-learning is cheap: Getting your employees together at a single place can prove to be expensive, especially if you are paying a travelling allowance. However, with e-learning you can choose to train your employees remotely, thereby ensuring huge savings on employee travel.
  • The flexibility of time: Any e-learning module primarily includes interactive video sessions, presentations and online questionnaires. Hence, you can choose to provide as well as take the training at convenience. There are no restrictions with regard to timings.
  • No expenses for third party training: If you hire a trainer from outside, to provide your employees with the specific training, then you will have to pay for the third party training. However, if you choose an online e-learning material, you will be saving on the third party expenses.
  • Provide virtual classroom: The virtual classroom facility of an e-learning training module will allow your employees who are geographically dispersed to interact with each other. This bonhomie is an added advantage of providing training through e-learning for a workforce that is geographically distributed.

So choose to help your employees, by providing them with exclusive training, however, with the help of various e-learning methodologies. It will prove to be beneficial for your company in the long run.


How Well Do You Know Your Competitors?

business analysisComplacency in business is one of the leading drawbacks of most companies. Any business owner knows that a healthy competition prevents you from being too confident over your product. After all, the market is too diverse and volatile. The secret to being successful is knowing who your  competitors are and determining what makes them a threat to your business.

Price monitoring isn’t necessarily following trends. It is a marker to stepping up your game in the market. This helps sellers determine what prices to sell to optimize their sales and profits. This can be possible through two applications: The API and BI.

The Application Process Interface (API) is a set of protocol for building software application. The Business Intelligence (BI), on the other hand, is a technology driven process for analyzing data. BI helps managers and users make informed decisions. So, why do you need price monitoring?

Analysis and Reprising

As PriceManager explains, E-commerce companies can track their competitors automatically. As a competitor, you need to determine the best prices to tag your products. Cloud companies such as, Amazon and eBay have automatic reprising, as well as instant reprising of sections. To learn the trending prices, you just need to key in the URL of the product you desire. Alternatively, key words can also be used. The product homepage will display a variety of information:

  • Product history information
  • New lower prices

The information you seek will be redirected to the product.

Identifying Market Trends

Your main goal is simple: keep the market close and your competitor closer. Optimizing your prices requires research on how the market is fairing. Cloud businesses have a price tractor that enables you to see current products on the market. Furthermore, business users and consumers receive automated emails on a target product. Additionally, you can subscribe to emails to track when your target product prices drop. This gives you a chance to decide if you should introduce your product or wait for the right opportunity.

Small and medium companies can monitor their competitors through a self-service module. As marketers say, tracking is the green light to knowing when to pounce.

Arduino: The Gateway to Making Cool Electronics Projects



Electronics projects are no longer just reserved for those in the industry. With coding boards available and easily accessible, even hobbyists who want to work on a custom project can do so—and at a really cheap price at that.

To get the most out of your money when purchasing an electronics and coding board, Arduino is one of your best options. Know more about the features of this board.

It’s open-source hardware.

The open-source design of Arduino allows for its extensive documentation. Experts from say the UNO model is the most documented, making it a good choice for beginners. There are many people who share the same interests as you using it. When you find yourself in a pinch during your project, get help from the more advanced users.

It makes serial communication a breeze.

Most Arduino boards, such as the UNO model, can be powered by a USB connection. The built-in chip can be plugged directly into one of the USB ports in your computer, acting as a virtual serial port. Basically, this means you can navigate it conveniently, as if it’s a USB device.

It’s perfect for beginners.

You can get Arduino boards without any problem at all, as they are available from both offline and online sources. Buying online is your better bet, as this makes shopping and comparison of the models easier. With the boards coming in affordable prices, get started on electronics and coding projects as soon as possible.

For first timers interested to buy Arduino board online, get the UNO, which is among the most robust, feature-packed and easy-to-understand models you will have fun with. Many prefer to use this particular model.

See some sample coding projects online and educate yourself on the use of the Arduino board. Come up with your unique projects and share with the community—who knows, maybe your idea can earn recognition.

Fuelling Your Mobile App Downloads with SEO

mobile app

mobile appThere’s no doubt about it; mobile applications have become popular and sought-after by consumers. In fact, the use of these apps only reinforced the value of smart devices in today’s market.

The number of businesses investing in mobile app development has reached an all-time high. A mobile app has become a key component to the success of your marketing and advertising plan. The question is, “How do you make your mobile app stand out?”

Search Optimisation for Mobile Apps

This brings us to the topic of boosting the number of downloads you get for your brand’s mobile app. The most common way to optimise search for these programs is through the App Store Optimisation (ASO). What many people don’t realise is that SEO Brisbane services can be a huge help in this department, as well.

SEO Strategies for Bringing More App Downloads

You need more than just a landing page for your mobile app to get more downloads. To achieve this goal, you must focus on the following strategies:

  • A Landing Page and a Blog Maximises Results. Increasing the visibility of your landing page also increases the frequency of its appearance in relevant search results. Associating your blog to both the landing page and the app itself can help you yield better results.
  • Generic Tags and Links are not Useful. Don’t bother using general tags, links, and anchor texts because they don’t work and they don’t have any SEO value.
  • Clarity is Key to Brand Recall. When creating backlinks, you need to be clear on who you are, as it helps enhance brand recall. Instead of using undefined anchor texts, use the name of your app and your brand.
The Bottom Line

SEO is more than just optimising your website to rank highly in search engine results pages. Get the most out of your mobile app through web optimisation, and see the number of downloads go up.