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Top 3 Scrumptious Cebu Dishes to Savor

Scrumptious Lechon in Cebu

Scrumptious Lechon in CebuThe eminent lechon holds the highest distinction in Cebu’s cuisine. It’s slow-roasted on a spit to exquisite crispness and juicy perfection that Time declared it the “Best Pig” while Anthony Bourdain referred to it as “the best pork ever.” Bourdain’s pork feast in Cebu left such a yummy impression on him that on his return to the country, the renowned chef and author declared to Filipino fans to, “Start roasting a pig slowly.”

But the Queen City of the South has more mouthwatering treats to offer, beyond the revered lechon. Here are three other tasty dishes to savor:

1. Fried Chorizo de Cebu

These juicy, sweet little morsels of meat are ideal any time of the day. Home-based businesses add different flavors and meat to their chorizo de Cebu, such as spicy pork, pork hamonado, and garlic chicken. Dip it in spicy pinakurat and eat with puso, which is rice wrapped in coconut leaves. It’s one of the simplest yet heavenly feasts you can have on the balcony of your condominium property or on a local beach.

2. Grilled Saang

It’s in the mollusk family, and commonly sold in the street stalls of Cebu. Foreign tourists might refer to the sumptuous seafood as “spider shells” or “scorpion conch.” To locals, it’s a summer grilling essential. Flavorful, succulent, and chewy, saang also works as chowder.

3. Fried Danggit

When you wake up to a gorgeous view of Cebu city, the only breakfast that makes sense is danggit. Danggit is salted, sun-dried rabbitfish, or kitang or samaral. This species of fish is common in the shallower waters of the island province. Kitang or samaral is not always made into danggit. Locals sometimes use them in stews or fry the fish whole.

Cebu cuisine has more to offer, aside from the savory, juicy lechon. Explore the different neighborhoods and streets. And discover what other delightful dishes await your palate.

The Impact of a Tour to Israel on Your Christian Faith

Trip to Israel

Trip to IsraelIsrael hosts some of the world’s most sacred histories and sites of Christianity, making it a prime destination for many Christians. Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth and raised in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel. While in Israel, Jesus performed many miracles as recorded in the Bible teachings. It was in Jerusalem that he died and rose again. These and more histories bind Christianity with Israel. Have a look at what awaits you in this holy land!

An encounter with God in a new way

For a Christian who seeks to experience God in a new way, a tour to Israel might be the answer to stagnant faith. Seeing the illustrations from everyday life that Jesus used, walking where he walked will make you understand the Bible teachings at new levels. Think of this trip as a getaway to seek God, a spiritual pilgrimage.

The Bible will come alive

A tour to Israel sets the Bible apart from any other historical book. When you visit Israel, you get a chance to trace the stories on the maps as you visit archaeological remains of the many cities.

You witness prophecy fulfilled

When you take an LDS Israel tour, you will notice that the Jewish people have been gathered from every nation to which they had been dispersed; from the South, the North, the East and the West just as the Bible foretold. This prophecy that has been fulfilled brings you closer to God and helps you trust him more since he is a faithful God who is true to his word.

Israel is a modern miracle

In just over 65 years, Israel has created a prosperous country that is leading in the world of technology, science, innovation, water conservation, agriculture, and security: all this out of a land characterized by arid climates and previous deadly holocausts.

A tour to Israel is an absolute must to any Christian who wants to transform their faith in a significant way. Meeting with the Israelites, those who have been put on the front line of fire because of their Christian calling, is often the highlight of a Christian’s trip to Israel.

Recover Fully From Wisdom Teeth Extraction With Words From the Wise

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in NapaA confirmed suspicion of impacted wisdom teeth usually leads to dental surgery. A straightforward procedure takes about two hours. That may seem tedious and worrisome, but that is the easy part. A qualified dental surgeon will take care of you in those two hours. The real work for you begins as soon as you leave the clinic. As in every surgical procedure, there are risks, and if you do not care for yourself during recovery time, you will suffer dire consequences.

This short article will help you recover fully from wisdom teeth surgery. We have talked to a handful of Napa-based dentists, and there are a few post-surgical practices you need to know.

Recovery time

After getting your annoying third molars pulled out, you have to remember there is a hole inside your mouth. The first you have to think about is that healing takes time. Practicing oral surgeons in Napa estimate that the longest recovery period takes a week, but it can be as short as three days. The exact time depends on a number of factors, including the extent of impaction, and the amount of gum tissue injured during the surgery.

What else to expect

In addition, you have to realize the pain and swelling are normal after surgery. Therefore, take the anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics prescribed by the doctor. Thirdly, you must pay close attention to the dentist about caring for the blood clot that serves to protect the healing gums. If the clot is dislodged you have to add a few more days to the recovery period, explains a dentist from VanDenburgh Dental.

How else do you foster recovery? You must take the rest of the day off after the surgery. You need to rest your body and your mind to allow the healing process to kick off with a bang. After resting, review the list of foods and beverages to avoid, and start planning your meals for the next three days. Follow these guidelines and you can resume your regular activities in no time.

3 Things You Can Do in France (Apart from Visiting Paris)

Skiing in Val d'Isère, FranceAre you considering a holiday in the French Republic? Well, as nice as it is to pass under the Arc de Triomphe, stand at Ground Zero in Notre Dame de Paris and fight against the crowd at the Louvre for a view of the Mona Lisa, you might like to know that life outside of Paris is just as interesting.

You could go on a ski holiday in Val d’Isere, walk through the gardens of Chateau de Versailles and bask under the sun at Bora Bora.

Skiing in Val d’Isere

Val d’Isere, a small village in the French Alps, is one of the most popular destinations for a ski holiday in France. If you are fond of snow, you might consider the 10,000-hectare land covered in untracked snow as the ultimate playground.

With 300 kilometres of ski runs, 1900 metres of vertical and the Face de Bellevarde ahead, Val d’Isere may be overwhelming at first, but you cannot resist the snowy mountain for long.

Walking through Chateau de Versailles

For a dose of history, you could skip the crowds at Louvre and visit Versailles instead. Walk through the castle that once was the royal home of Louis XIV and spend time in Marie Antoinette’s precious gardens to get a feel of French luxury.

Discover the French court’s rich culture through the Hall of Mirrors, the Grand Chapel, and the Queen’s Hamlet. For something refreshing, you will enjoy the fountains and the Grand Canal.

Warming Up in Bora Bora

Bora Bora may be in the Pacific Ocean, but it technically is part of France as an overseas collectivity. If you have more time and want a total change of environment, visit the island; it has its fair share of coconut trees and luxury resorts.

Now, which French destination are you heading for?

Bending for Relief: Eliminating Post Workout Muscle Pain

Recovery WorkoutWorking out offers that familiar feeling of having achieved something. However, after the training is done for the day, you’re left with sore pain in your muscles. You rely on the protein shake you ordered online to make you feel refreshed.

Why don’t you consider trying a recovery workout? Yoga is an ideal way to lessen body sores and muscle spasms after a hard workout at the gym.

Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge)

Begin by doing adho mukha svanasana or the downward-facing dog. Step forward with your right leg in a high lunge position and put your foot in between your hands. Raise your arms above your hand and place your hand together in a namaskar or prayer position. Ensure that your toes and knees line up.

Slowly bring your left knee down and slide your left leg back as much as you can. Your foot must be flat on the floor and your heel must be up.

By this time, you will feel a wonderful stretch in your groin and the top of your left thigh. Just like before, make sure your right knees and toes line up. To exit in reverse, do the high lunge again and then the downward-facing dog. Repeat the exercise with the left leg.

Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend C)

Start by standing with your legs at least four feet apart. Maintain pigeon toes, wherein your heels are out and your toes are in. Intertwine your fingers behind your back, then inhale.

Stretch your spine while slowly looking up at the sky. Exhale as you carefully bend forward from the hip. Go down as much as you can, so the crown of the head faces the floor.

Relax your shoulders and neck while you allow your head to hang there. Maintain straight legs and have your knees pushed back. In case you have injuries, you may keep your knees soft. 

Yoga is one of the best post-workout exercises to try, because it does not stress joints and it comprises of extensive stretching that relieves muscle strain.

What Makes Queensland a Great Place to Live for All Age Groups

State of QueenslandQueensland a great place to settle. It has so much more to offer than pineapples, great climate, and sunny people. Queensland is generally more laid-back than the other locations in Australia, but it doesn’t mean that it will only attract a certain group of people, say those who want to enjoy their retirement. Queensland is actually a great place just for every age group.

  • Graduate Students

Queensland is known for the quality of education that it offers. There are many reputable universities, and if you are deciding to earn a postgraduate degree, you should definitely explore the different universities in Queensland such as The University of Queensland. Whether you want to specialise in Marketing, Accounting, Information Systems, or Science, you will surely find an exceptional program fit for your educational needs. It may not be as busy as Sydney, but don’t you think this is actually a great thing?

  • Young Professionals

Despite the more relaxed atmosphere in Queensland, there are actually many jobs available here. Industries in food and agriculture, export and manufacturing, and tourism are all thriving. There are also many startup companies and communities if this is what you are looking for. In fact, Toowoomba in Queensland is the employment capital of Australia, so if you are sufficiently skilled in your field, there’ a very high possibility that there is no scarcity of employment opportunities in the state.

  • Starting Families

You will be happy to know that based on a study conducted by the Suncorp Bank Family Friendly Index, six out of the top 20 of the most family-friendly cities are found in Queensland. Some of the indices considered are crime rate, income, education, health services, and housing. The overall stable economy definitely makes it an ideal place for families.

  • Retirees

Forget about building your dream country style home. One of the major recommendation to retirees, albeit surprising, is to rent. Buying an expensive property to build your lake house might just consume a lot of your healthier years. Instead of trying to glue yourself in one place, you have the option to try living in different places while you still can. Queensland is a famous place for retirees, and you can easily see why. Get in touch with a rental manager, and for starters, try scouring good places in Townsville, where you can be as active as you can and as relaxed as you want.

On top of it all, Queensland offers beaches, mountains, free parks, and the sun all year round; no mater which group you belong, all of these surely appeal to you. If you are still on the fence about it, you might want to visit, spend a couple of weeks there, and see whether you will fall under the spell of this charming state.

Great Ideas to Keep Kids Safe During Travel

Keep Kids Safe During Travel

Keep Kids Safe During TravelSo, kids. They are a naughty little bunch, who just cannot stop playing. You probably have seen it a hundred times already, but it is still kind of amazing seeing them play all day without stopping. They are kids, and when they are free, you can expect what they are going to do. But, when travelling, that may backfire for them.

As a parent and an adult, you probably know best how exhausting travelling can be. Kids sapped of their energy will not enjoy the things you have in store for them, and you should think twice about taking them on constant trips. Trips abroad can affect the personality of your child, and it may not be for the better. Nonetheless, it is priceless to see your kid have the time of their lives in places they enjoy the most.

Where to?

There are an infinite number of places where you can take your kid. But, for a start, it may be better to bring them to places where it will not overwhelm them. Think Sentosa Singapore, where the entrance fee is reasonable and available at It may not count as an advantage, but getting tickets early is vital to a happy holiday.

Disneyland is a very viable option, and no kid would ever deny themselves a day among their beloved characters. But, you are likely to wait in long lines under the sun to get on the rides and other entertainment in there. Anything for your kid, right?

The Actual Tips

Now, onto the steps to keeping children safe. The best mindset to be in to think that kids are vulnerable to everything. Whatever danger you recognise, they might as well walk onto it because they cannot see it themselves. But, to be more specific, be very cautious about their health. Vaccines are important, even critical, in keeping their immune system strong against foreign agents.

As for movement-related sickness, just keep them relaxed while on a flight or driving around. More importantly, before flying, consult with a doctor to know the best steps to countering high-altitude sickness. About their food, just as long as it is regular fare, kids will be fine to eat.

It will be a memory long cherished when you and your kids travel for fun. Take as many pictures as you want and keep everyone safe!

Top Reasons to Take Your Family on a White Water Rafting Vacation

Water Rafting

Water RaftingIf your family is keen on a new adventure, then you should start planning for a trip downriver. They will appreciate the opportunity to experience the wonders of white water rafting.

The best thing about the white water rafting experience is that there is something for everyone. If you prefer to sit down on a boat that is sailing peacefully on the water, then you only have to ask. The rivers are rated based on a standard grading system.

Lower grade trips are available for groups and individuals who are not so keen on getting drenched and working out their tired muscles. But, if you are a skilled rafter and want an adrenaline-pumping fun, there’s the high adventure rafting level for you, according to American Adventure Expeditions.

Experience something unique

Every person who has ever dared white water rafting in Colorado Springs considers his or her time on the river a unique experience. The landscape is forever etched in their mind’s eye, and every second on the river is memorable. From the boat, you will behold parts of the rivers that are inaccessible to regular tourists. You will see with your own eyes virgin forests and spectacular gorges. If you’re lucky, you might even glimpse elusive wildlife.

Exercise your muscles in the open air

Instead of going another lap through your usual jogging path, or taking your mountain bike on a new path, you can exercise those muscles paddling amidst some of the most spectacular sceneries in the United States. In some rapids, your team leader will require you to maneuver around obstacles. In other cases you’ll have to paddle a specific way to steer the boat through the right path.

Urban living can take its toll, and instead of just driving off to a typical retreat for fresh air and natural scenery, how about taking it a notch further? Book your family on a whitewater adventure and choose whether you want to go with the flow, or go against the current. It’s only prudent to start making inquiries today!

Travellers’ Tips on Getting Around Perth


PerthPerth is the place to be if you’re up for some warm weather and fun beaches. There are many activities you can do while in Perth. To ensure your fun and safety, keep these in mind when travelling to Perth:

The Climate

Remember Australia is down under so its season isn’t like the rest of the world. Summer is from December to February, which is not the same with other places. That means January can be quite hot, so bring appropriate clothes. There’s a wet season in Perth, which is in April, and it can be quite cool during that time.

When visiting during summer, it’s necessary to keep hydrated since temperatures may reach 29 degrees Celsius. Bring sunscreen and pack a lot of shorts and hats, too.

Getting Around the City

Perth is made for walking. You may also explore the city through a bus. There’s a free bus service around Perth. The CATS or Central Area Transport System has a set route and arrives approximately every 5 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, if privacy is a concern, or if you are travelling with kids, finding a car rental is easy. According to, a car rental in Perth, you can even get free CBD parking and drop-off services at the airport for your convenience.

People in Perth love the outdoors. The place is laid back so you can truly relax. Exploring the city at night is also fun. Tipping is not expected, but feel free to do so when you feel you’ve been given an excellent service.

It’s always helpful to know a few things about your destination before travelling. Awareness helps you prepare and enjoy the experience more.

Vail, Colorado: A Year-Round Haven for Vacationers


vailVail is one of the favorite destinations of families and outdoor lovers. Families can choose from a wide array of activities to make their vacations as memorable and exciting as possible. Hiking, golfing, fishing, cultural festivals, skiing – all these await those who want the ultimate adventure during their vacation.

There is no doubt that a big percentage of visitors come to enjoy the challenge of Vail’s slopes. In fact, Vail Valley has grown rapidly to accommodate the country’s love for skiing. American Ski Exchange shares the many interesting facts that make Vail a year-round destination:

  • Vail Ski Resort has 5,289 skiable acres. This is the largest single-mountain resort in the country.
  • Skiing enthusiasts are thrilled with its vertical drop of 3,450 feet, with 31 lifts available for a most convenient experience.
  • Beginners can ski all they want on well-tended slopes, while expert skiers can go for the downhill challenge of rugged runs. Everyone can have their choice from the 193 trails in the town’s ski resort.
  • Even after a week’s stay, skiers will still be unable to go through the same trail twice.
  • Frommer’s even states, “It is America’s top ski resort by practically any standard.”
  • Vail has long been acclaimed as one of the finest skiing destinations in the world.
  • It offers everything that a skier dreams of: first-class ski resorts, ideal snow conditions, and a diverse and breathtaking terrain.
  • You can choose from a range of luxurious hotels and cozy lodges, with dozens of restaurants that indulge visitors.
  • Find a multitude of locations of ski rentals in Vail. Services like ski delivery, free ski rental storage, and a selection of the latest gear are available to complete your adventure. Most establishments even accept advanced reservations to avoid the inconvenience of long lines upon arrival.

At the end of your short stay, you will discover that you have only had a small taste of everything that Vail offers. Knowing there are so many more activities to do and places to explore, anyone would want to extend or plan a return trip to this quaint destination.