Central Air Conditioning Systems Best for Commercial Heating/Cooling Needs

central airconditioningWhen builders construct a building, be it for residential or commercial purposes, three very important concepts spring up – efficient heating, cooling and ventilation. It is from these three concepts that the acronym HVAC has originated.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Cooling systems that conditions the air inside a building, controls the humidity levels and maintain the quality of air within.

Central AC systems

Back in the day, window AC units were the apt choice. The modern era saw the rise of technology in this field, with customers now having the choice of a central air conditioning unit. Unlike window ACs that can cool only a single room, the central AC system can cool an entire house or office – even an entire building!

It is this wide use of the central AC system that makes it an attractive choice. A Daikin commercial AC is perfect for this, conductairconditioning.com.au notes.

Different Types of Central AC Systems

Nowadays, buyers have several options about central air conditioning systems:

  • Air-cooled units use a fan to blow air over a refrigerant-containing coil.
  • Water-cooled units that employ cool water with a refrigerant.
  • Split systems where the evaporator is indoors, while the compressor and the condenser stay outside.
  • Packaged systems that keep all components of the unit at the same place such as the roof or the basement.
  • Mini-duct systems, a type of a split system located in the attic or in the yard. In this setup, cooled air moves via a thin plastic tube throughout the area.
  • Ductless split systems that move cooled air without ducts.
Benefits of Central AC Systems

For one thing, the central AC system can cool a much larger area as compared to a window AC. There are several other benefits of this unit:

  • It is more energy-efficient.
  • The air quality is much higher as the filters in this system take out pollutants and allergens.
  • It makes less noise, especially the ductless units.
  • Comes with easy-to-replace air filter systems.

Central air conditioning usually comes pre-packaged with an office, and the building owners usually provide this. This means that if you want a new office location, make sure that the office accommodates a central AC system.

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