Chef’s Manual: Must-Haves of a Functional Kitchen

Kitchen EssentialsA chef’s trade is preparing food. While cooking is their art and craft, the kitchen is their workshop where they create their masterpieces. Now, whether they’re cooking in a restaurant or at home, the kitchen in which they work must be functional with the right equipment, tools and amenities to produce the best work.

Not all kitchens are created equal. But at the very least, here are three must-haves for a functional kitchen.

A Cooking Range

Heat is of course used to cook raw food, as well as kill any harmful micro-organisms in food for it to be safe for consumption. In the past, people used open fires to cook their food. But in the modern world, cooking ranges are the norm. The first must-have for a functional kitchen is a range or stove set. It can be gas or electric, depending on your budget for the appliance, electrical wiring, or gas plumbing. Both have their pros and cons, mind you, so research well on what suits your cooking best. Some ranges come as the stoves only, while some have ovens built into them as well.

A Sink

Running water is a must in the kitchen. The clear liquid is an indispensible part of food preparation. It can be used in cooking food, or washing and rinsing ingredients beforehand. Water is also used for washing the dishes and all the other tools and equipment you use in the kitchen. That said, having a sink in your kitchen is the second must-have for a functional workplace.

A second add-on for a functional sink would be a water dispenser or filter. This is an environment-friendly apparatus capable of providing clean, safe-to-drink water that can be used for your cooking. Purity Water suggests using filters to ensure the quality of your water for drinking or cooking.

A Counter

A kitchen counter to a chef is like a workbench for a craftsman. This is where he creates his masterpieces. Any chef will need sufficient space to work with. Preparing food in the kitchen involves a lot of things done to food and ingredients such as chopping, brushing, beating, whipping and the like. Nowhere can these be done better than on a kitchen counter.

These are only three of the kitchen essentials for any chef or home cook. Make sure to do your research to complete your working area.