Choosing a Cream Base for Your Soup – What to Consider

Cream Based SoupCreating a good meal requires patience and attention to detail. Part of an excellent meal is in the quality of soup you can make. Apart from the Chef’s secret ingredient, every great soup starts with the excellent base. The thickening agent you choose for your soup can either make it or break it. The following tips come in handy when choosing the right cream base for your soup.

How it works

Soup thickening agents apart from reducing make use of starch as its main thickening ingredient. This makes excellent cream bases for soups. Starch turns viscous when heated with a neutral flavor making it useful for use in different foods. It is always important to ensure that the starch is properly cooked.

Use whitewash

This thickening agent is composed of flour and water mixture, which is then added to the soup or sauce. It is best for foods that need to be served immediately. Besides, additional flavors need to be used to break the bland nature of this cream base or thickener.

Cornstarch slurry works perfectly

In these cases, cornstarch replaces flour that was used in the first instance. Add cold slurry to a hot boiling soup as you stir to avoid forming lumps that come about when dry corn is added to the mixture. It is a better base since the loss of flavor is less significant.

Choose the right roux

It makes one of the finest bases that will get you excellent soup. Choose the right type, which could be white, blond or brown. Learn how to cook it properly and use butter, canola oil or olive oil. However, you should bear in mind that they type of oil you use a significant impact on the flavor that results. Avoid clumping by ensuring that the roux and the soup you want to thicken are in direct contrasts.

Not every person can cook well. You should be open to improving your skills by learning from the experts. Understand how to make a great soup and have people coming for more.