Choosing the Right Wall Cladding

wall claddingWall cladding system is actually like an extra layer added to the walls of a building, primarily to give added protection to the walls. The protection in this regard is against the vagaries of the weather and water leakage. In addition, wall cladding can work wonders to improve the appearance of a home and consequently its market value.

The extent the wall cladding confers all these advantages depends greatly on your choice from among the many available. lists some factors to consider when choosing a suitable wall cladding.

Primary and Secondary Role

Wall claddings’ primary purpose is to reduce the ill effects of volatile weather on the bare wall, and to add to the aesthetic value of the property.
They also secondary roles, such as:

• Thermal insulation
• Sound insulation
• Fire resistance
• Better protection against vandals, dust and pollution

Consider your home, its locality and neighbourhood against these roles of wall cladding and then choose one accordingly.

Performance Factors

In this regard, look into which wall cladding material will be most apt for your home. Consider the following:

• The availability of the material such as wood, metal, vinyl, etc.
• Maintenance and durability of the material.
• The breathability of the material.
• Choose a material with high waterproof quality, good fire resistance, non-toxic, good insulation properties.


Another important factor is the appearance of the cladding and how it can affect the appearance of your home. Ideally, choose a cladding system that complements your home decor and ups its aesthetics.

Finally, consider the environmental impact of the cladding material. Preferably, choose a material that is eco-friendly, recyclable and non-toxic.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a wall cladding system and make it worth the expense. They provide additional protection while beautifying your home, so it is already a win-win type of investment.

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