Climbing Up to Safety: Ways to Make Stairs Safer

Stairs SafetyYour stairs are one of the most important components of your home. Other than their utilitarian function, they can also be an aesthetic feature. Building stairs, however, should be considered carefully. This is especially true if you have kids and elderly people at home.

It is important that you make your modern staircase safe. Basically, this can be done by getting rid of the factors that may cause slips and falls. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Put a Balustrade

This is the simplest thing that you can do to prevent falls and other sorts of accidents. If you’re too conscious about the appearance of your stairs, don’t worry! Balustrades come in different designs. There will surely be one type that will suit your home’s theme. There are wood, glass, and metal. If you’re using railings, make sure that the distance between the vertical beams is not too loose. Otherwise, your kids or pets may fall through the gap.

Keep the Steps Safe

When it comes to stair treads, you need to make sure that the tread and the riser are of different shades. Otherwise, people may trip, especially if it’s dark. Other than using different shades for these stair parts, you can also put some tactile hints, such as tread covering or mats. A textured mat can provide you with a grip when you step on the tread.

Install Lights

If the staircase area gets dark during specific times of the day (other than nighttime), you may install lights to guide you and your family. These lights can be placed along the balustrade or under your stairs’ treads. If it’s impossible to install lights on these locations, you can install them on the wall.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your stairs safe. Before building a new staircase or repairing a new one, it would be wise if you consult a reliable contractor and a safety professional.