Designing a Packaging Label That Drives Sales

Packaging LabelsMerchandisers and customers often overlook good packaging design; they don’t know that it can change the way a product looks like. Create a good packaging design and know how it can boost your brand and overall sales performance in this article.

Use Typography to Your Advantage

Apart from visually communicating your brand, typography also plays a huge part when it comes to marketing your product. Typography is such a transformative element in the graphic design that choosing the right type and technique can instantly change the look of your merchandise. It can even sell to a particular market, allowing you to target the audience you really want. Determine the right typeface for your brand by identifying your market and the message you want to convey. In addition, make sure that it reads well even when in an actual product.

Be Honest to Your Customers

Clients and designers typically aim to project a product in a perfect way. They do this by using convincing texts and adding images that poorly illustrate their merchandise. If you’re depicting your product ten times better than it actually is, then you’re only misleading your customers. Doing this disappoints them, which may lead to poor sales performance and bad brand image. Be honest. Through packaging labels, Unimax explains that you can represent your product in the best way possible without having to alter its specifications and look. Improve your product to some degree but avoid turning it into something different.

Differentiate it from Competitors

You think you’ve created a packaging design that suits your brand. But ask yourself, “Is it one-of-a-kind? Does it look good on grocery shelves?” There are hundreds, even thousands of competitors in the market and there’s a huge chance that you have the same — colour, text and layout-wise — packaging design. Prevent this from happening by visiting grocery aisles and checking your competition. Determine which designs work or not, and imagine your product on the actual shelves. Doing this sets your brand apart and prevents your customers from getting the wrong product.

Packaging design allows you to properly communicate your brand and product, which is why it is important to create a clear and effective one. Make sure that it represents your merchandise while adding a few details that can boost your market’s interest.