Different Areas of Family Law

Man in suit showing a card with Family Law written on itWhen you hear the phrase, ‘family law’ your mind inevitably thinks of divorce and child support. While it is true that you should approach a lawyer specializing in family law when you face a divorce, this is not the only area of expertise these lawyers possess.

The highly skilled Denver divorce attorneys are experts in many other areas of family law. These areas range from adoption to pre-marital agreements to restraining orders. Some of the areas are discussed below.


You can adopt from the child welfare services of your state, without much help from an attorney. But if you plan to adopt by other means then you will require a lawyer. Many steps are leading up to the adoption process and having a legal representative who can navigate the system without breaking any law, is imperative. Even if it takes time, the lawyers will make sure that all the documentation is complete and all the papers are filed on time. If you are adopting a step child, then the process can differ slightly. But it is still important that you hire a lawyer so that you become the legal parent of your step child.

Restraining orders

There are times when you might require legal protection from a former family member or spouse. This can be done through a restraining or protection order. The court house can give you a temporary order easily, but to get a permanent order, you will require the services of an experienced lawyer. The judge will hear the case and study it from all the angles, before extending the restraining order to a year.

Name change and premarital agreements

Changing your last name after marriage is simple, but if you need to change it at other times, you will require legal assistance. They will help you with the necessary paperwork and ensure that the government recognizes your new name. If you require any stipulations in your marriage or want to protect your assets, premarital agreements are necessary. The family law attorneys can help you with this too.

Besides the above, they can help with custody arrangements, child support and modifications too. So, family lawyers can help people in many ways.