Divorce: When the Relationship Can’t Be Saved

Family Law Attorney in DenverYou never expected things to go down this way, but they have. Now that there’s no denying a divorce is your only recourse, especially when you wouldn’t put violence past your husband, you need all the help you can get to protect yourself and your kids.

Don’t try to fool yourself

Yes, it is possible for people to change — sometimes. While you’re waiting for that to happen, how many more sleepless nights do you have to go through? How much longer should you stay unhappy in a relationship that’s making you bitter? It is a good idea to try counselling, but if that fails, you have to admit that divorce may be the answer. In fact, it may be the answer for the kind of relationship you’re in.

You need a lawyer

You probably share a lawyer with your husband. To avoid problems with conflict of interest, get your own family law attorney in Denver. There are many online resources, but be discreet when you’re searching. Delete your history once you’ve gotten the information you need, especially when you’re using shared computers. You can also ask for referrals from friends or family. Most importantly, choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with.

Start planning

You can’t simply pack up and leave with the kids. Actually, if you could, it would be much simpler. But if you think this will earn your husband’s anger, then plan every move carefully but swiftly. Keep an extra mobile phone where you can get to it easily to call for help if your husband gets abusive.

If you have your own savings, keep your ATM card and bank book in a safe place. Do the same with your credit cards and important documents. Get a safety deposit box or ask a friend to keep them. Your attorney is your ally, so listen to their advice along the way and share pertinent documents with them.

It’s never easy letting go of a relationship you once thought would be perfect. But it’s harder to keep pretending everything is all right. The sooner you accept that divorce is your one true way to regain safety and happiness again, the sooner you’ll be over this.