A DIY Guide to Repairing Vinyl Fencing

Repairing Vinyl FencingYou may have read about the many advantages of vinyl fences in Salt Lake City and bought one for your home. Due to some reason, however, they may receive some occasional damage. For instance if you find there is a hole in the fencing then there is no need to panic as you can fix it easily.

The following is a handy DIY guide for repairing vinyl fences. Vinylfenceconnection.com in Salt Lake City however suggests that for better handling of the repair work, call professionals instead.

Examine the Damage First

For holes smaller than one and half inches in diameter then you can fill it with plastic body fillers that are available in home improvement stores. First, clean the area and fill it tightly without any air bubbles and then allow it to dry completely.

After an hour or so, sand it nicely so that the filling is flush with the fencing surface and does not spill over. When you finish sanding, let it dry for a day and then clean the dust away.

For Larger Damage

In cases where the hole is more than one and half inches, then you may need to use expanding insulation material or some similar foam. After cleaning the area, spray the material slowly into the hole in small quantities. The material will expand and fill the hole completely. After expansion, the foam should come out.

This has to dry for at least one full day. Saw or sand off the excess foam visible outside and leave a small crater. This should not be flush with the surface, as you have to put in the plastic filler in the small crater. Then allow it to dry and then level it well.

This whole process is very simple if you have the necessary materials and if you allow the fillings to dry well. Still, if the damage is more than what you can handle, you can call the professionals who installed the fencing or consult experts who are available online.

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