Do Not Delay: Dental Problems that Need Immediate Attention

DentistA dental emergency can mean losing a tooth, which is a vital part of your body. Some dental cases, if not treated immediately, may be serious enough that they can affect your health.

Give Immediate Dental Attention

Dentists give prompt attention to dental emergencies. Even after working hours, your emergency dentist in Hamilton will be there for you once informed of your condition. Here is a list of some cases that require emergency dental care:

  • A Knocked-off Tooth. A tooth may be knocked off as a result of a sports injury, an accident or being hit by a hard object. Wasting time may mean losing the tooth entirely. With your prompt action, the dentist can reinsert the tooth.
  • A Loose, Misaligned or Fractured Tooth. Not all sports injuries result in losing your tooth completely. Loose, misaligned or fractured tooth also requires emergency dental attention. Aside from causing great pain, the tooth may affect the nearby teeth and other parts of the mouth.
  • Injuries inside the Mouth. Dentists from Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre say any serious lacerations or puncture wounds in the mouth, tongue and gums need emergency care. These can be very painful and may result in bleeding and swelling, exposing you to other health risks.
  • A Severe Infection. An infection or abscess that has gotten worse can cause severe pain and can even be life-threatening if the infection reaches other parts of your body. Your dentist will take the proper action to give you relief from pain and treat the infection.

Regular visits to your dentist can help in preventing dental emergencies. With the help of your dentist, know how to protect your mouth while engaging in activities. And, more importantly, know the steps to take when dental emergencies occur.