Do Not Put Your Family at Risk: Box Your Heating Pipes

Heating PipesOne of the primary components of your home that make it liveable is the plumbing system. Comprised of numerous pipes, it brings forth clean water to your home. It also has the responsibility of getting rid of the used and dirty water.

Many of these pipes have control over the heating of the water you use for bathing, showering, laundering, and dishwashing. You need to cover these not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the threats they pose.

Heating Pipes: Covering them for Personal Protection

Personal protection is a major reason many UK homeowners use pipe boxing systems. This is especially true for the pipes designed to provide heat, such as those that make up the hot water system.

When you leave your heating pipes bare, you put yourself and your loved ones at the risk of sustaining injuries, particularly burns.

Functional heating pipes have really high temperatures. This said, when skin makes contact with them, they can cause burns within just a few seconds. Touching these hot, uninsulated pipes may result in anywhere from first to third-degree burns. You need to have these injuries treated as quickly as possible, or they can cause more serious health problems in the long run.

Those at the Greatest Risk of Getting these Injuries

Having kids and pets make it all the more reason to conceal your heating pipes. Small children and animals can get into accidents that may result in their skin coming into contact with these extremely hot plumbing components.

The same goes true for older adults, as their body no longer has the same quick healing properties. This means that burns will take much longer to heal, a situation that may even lead to them requiring hospitalisation.

Pipe boxing materials do not just have home aesthetic-improving functions. From the uses mentioned above, you can already see just how valuable they are when it comes to personal protection.