Drapery Drama: Mix, Match, and Choose the Right Color

Draperies can make or break the appearance of your home. Draperies should be carefully chosen to match the walls, furniture, and fixtures, and mix well with the interiors. When buying drapery from stores in Camarillo or any other parts of California, you can check out this short guide to help you choose the right color:


  1. Patterned – Choose a patterned drapery if your home follows a single color theme. This will cut the monotony and give depth to the window area. Use solid, dominant colors like brown or dark orange. For the pattern, you should stick with light-colored designs.
  2. Minimalistic – For homes with white or neutral-colored walls, you should go for bold colors since the lightness of the wall can highlight your drapery better. A deep shade of any color will do, like maroon or moss green.
  3. Warmth – Red, yellow, and orange can bring out a spring or summer-inspired home. Choose a drapery made of silk to give it a smooth look. These colors are ideal for the bedroom and living room with big windows.

These are only some of the color combinations you can use when buying drapery in Camarillo, California or any store near you. Visit websites or local shops for estimates and expert advice.