Easy as 1, 2, 3: A Dentist’s Solution for Bad Breath

Bad BreathHave you ever been in a situation where you were having a few laughs with friends when, suddenly, your nostrils are assaulted by a foul smell only to realise that it is your breath? It is not the most pleasant experience, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it. While many people experience bad breath, with proper care, the condition is easy to be rid of.

Here’s what trusted Dental practices like Smile Spa have to say about it:

Health Conditions May Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is not like a virus you can catch from the people around you. It occurs because of the negligence of oral hygiene or an underlying health condition.

It could be the result of a mouth infection, dry mouth, tonsil stones or active reflux, for example. On the other hand, it could be the side effect of certain medications or a poor diet. In fact, the National Health Service has said that eating habits, such as fasting or cutting down carbohydrates may lead to it.

Whether it is because of a health condition or the food you eat, dentists would always encourage you to practice good oral hygiene.

Good Oral Hygiene Is a Reliable Solution

Most bad breath issues can be resolved with the practice of proper oral hygiene.

First, pay more attention to your tongue when brushing your teeth because the odour might be coming from accumulated bacteria on it. Second, drink a lot of water because a dry mouth may foster bacteria as well. Finally, don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly so as to get rid of food particles which, again, may foster bacteria.

If bad breath persists even if you practice good oral hygiene, however, it may be time to talk to your local dentist about it.