Edging the Competition in Applying for a Nursing College

vital signs patientStudents preparing to apply to nursing schools should be aware that the competition is quite tough. There is a great demand for admissions into this kind of program for a few years now. As the number of seats in the colleges is not proportionate to the rising demand, this forced colleges to use stringent admission procedures.

Roseman.edu has a few things to say when trying to get into a nursing college.

Admission Criteria

Most schools look at grades and the entrance test scores before they admit students. This means paying attention to your grades if you are keen on getting into such a college.

The selection committee is keen on seeing if the admitted students can stand the rigorous requirement of the courses. They also look for candidates who can make a meaningful contribution to the community as a nurse after they qualify.

The Prerequisites

The basic prerequisites include courses in microbiology, physiology and human anatomy. A course in English, organic chemistry, nutrition, sociology and psychology also help.

Some colleges require that you complete a short-term nursing assistant program before you can apply. It is advisable to check with the college if they require such.

Other Important Parts of the Application

Apart from the entrance test scores and grades, you need to write a good personal statement. You should use this to tell the selection members why you would like to be a nurse. You can explain how your intrinsic talents can come in useful when you eventually qualify and get into the profession. Someone who can speak a second language has a definite advantage, too.

Experience and Recommendations

For candidates with relevant work experience, mention it in detail. Attach a certificate or a letter as proof of your employment. Ask your college professors and your supervisors to give you letters of recommendation. A letter from academic professors and advisors with a doctorate degree will carry more weight.

Make your overall application look very good so that you make the right impression. Still, the best way to gain admission is to be earnest, and they will find such enthusiasm a huge bonus.

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