Failing to Come Up with an Accurate Takeoff: What Can Happen

Costing EstimateAs civil engineers specialize in different practices and sectors — construction, transportation, land surveying, or geotechnical — they need all the help they can get. These engineering specialists have so much responsibility within their chosen industry and specific specialization, and one of the most important tasks they have is obtaining a “takeoff.”

What’s a Takeoff?

Whenever a project falls under any of the subsets of civil engineering, such as hydraulic, construction, transportation environmental, or structural, the process called “takeoff” is necessary. At its core, this critical costing and estimation procedure means “taking note of” the total quantity of supplies, materials, and other items.

Many things can go wrong when estimators fail to come up with the proper takeoff results. Fortunately, with the use of programs like PDF plan takeoff software and other related systems, they can avoid serious problems.

Over and under Budgeting: One of the Primary Issues That Arise During such Projects

Without careful notation, two things could happen: either going beyond the budget or lacking in it. Exceeding the budget will definitely ruin the relationship between the project team and the client. When the estimators came up with a less-than-necessary budget, on the other hand, they would have to make do with it. In many cases, they end up using low-quality materials — something that can compromise the overall quality of the project results.

Whichever happens, both will lead to the project team dealing with the wrath of their clients. This is the main reason civil engineers should not risk it and instead invest in a high-quality takeoff software program. With this, they no longer have to worry about the above-mentioned problems and still deliver a top-notch finished product.