We are Family: Bringing Everyone Together for a Family Portrait

A family portrait in the living room is an element that, although unspoken, often completes the room. Families are constantly thinking of ways to take creative and beautiful family portraits to up on their walls. Photos are traditionally taken inside a studio, but the stiff and often unrelaxed manner of posing has become outdated. More family portraits are being captured in unusual settings these days, with the members posing in a casual way.

If you are planning to schedule a photo shoot with your family sometime soon, here are some of the biggest things to take into consideration:

FamilyThe Setting

Top photographers like JayLynn Studios say that while studio portraits are still popular, more families are choosing alternative backgrounds like urban landscapes and open fields. The portrait can also be taken in the family home for sentimental purposes.

The Pose

More families are asking photographers to capture candid moments as opposed to staged and forced shots. These portraits capture the family doing their own thing and telling their own story. It is a popular choice because candid portraits capture genuine moments and sincere smiles.

The Clothing

Admit it or not, family photos of yesteryears often involved tacky matching outfits that were probably best kept in the closet instead. These days, families are styling themselves in casual and cohesive outfits to make the photos look more attractive. Outfits coordinated in terms of color and style is still the trend, but families are better prepared for it these days.

Modern family portraits make a great addition to the décor of a home, and these pictures can also be used on mugs, calendars, Christmas cards, and other items. Check the local directories and browse online for photographers if you are planning to schedule a family portrait session sometime soon. You can also ask family and friends for referrals.

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