Fencing 101: 5 Factors that Matters When It Comes to Fences

Fencing SystemPeople install fence and gates around their property for a number of reasons. Whether they want to increase the level of privacy and security around their home or to keep away intruders from getting in, fences are a great way to accomplish this goal.

However, choosing the right kind of fence based on your projects or properties can be quite difficult. Having more than hundreds of options, the selection process might be too much to handle. To save you from these worries, here are a few pieces of advice to help you find the best fencing material.

Understand the Rules

Before building anything, be informed that any type of construction is subject to local building codes. This will dictate the zoning limits, maximum height, and the property lines where they are permitted to build. It basically states the limitations of design, height, and positioning of the fence you’ll choose.

Consider Your Purpose

If you finally decide to install a fence, the first thing you should determine is why you want to build one. You’ll also get asked this question when you visit a salesman. Whether you’re looking for a residential or industrial fence, knowing your goal will help narrow down your choices. They usually fall into four categories which are the following:

  • Privacy Fence – which helps block the sight lines and lessen visibility from the outside.
  • Security Fence – this will safeguard the property against intruders or burglars.
  • Decorative Fence – it’ll establish the perimeters of the property while maintaining the appeal of the area.
  • Safety Fence – it helps enclose the area which most commonly used in farms and agriculture.

Choose the Material

The material it is made of usually determines the total cost, maintenance needs, as well as the overall value of the fence. Depending on the element it is made of, you may classify them into four different types:

  • Wood (Timber)
  • Vinyl or Composite
  • Wrought-Iron (Metal)
  • Chain-Link (Wire)

By keeping these steps in mind, it’ll be easier to find the correct fence and gates that will match your needs and style. If you feel the need to add something else to this list, feel free to include them. It also helps to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the market so you can explore more options and get the best deal on your system.