For Newbies: Critiquing a Theatrical Performance

Play in BrisbaneIf you want an alternative to TV dramas, movies, and online videos, a theatrical play is an ideal option. This well-established performing art gives other forms of entertainment a run for their money because of its rich history and heritage.

Getting interested in plays and theatrical shows in Brisbane is one of the gateways to becoming a person of culture — someone who appreciates the arts and its other forms. If you want to document your experience, here are some things that will help you in this endeavour:

The Right Play

You need to pick the right play. Otherwise, you won’t be able to appreciate it. In turn, you won’t be able to create a memorable review for your first play. Being a starter, experimental plays and other presentations that involve elements from performance arts may be a bit of stretch for you. Regardless, it’s still your call. Experts recommend plays with a simple, but an excellent plot and fine acting.

Remember and Take Note

While watching the theatrical performance, you may want to take note of the key scenes in each act. This will help you remember the story, the scenes, and the characters — the elements you can use when writing a review. Never attempt to document the play with a video camera. It could be illegal and it will surely annoy other spectators.

Develop Your Own Voice

Once you saw and appreciated the performance, it’s time to write your first critique. Keep it simple. Now, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making this piece. Write a strong thesis statement; a general statement about the theatre as a whole. Afterwards, support it with your judgment. You can be upfront and honest about it, but be careful when using jargons. Remember that you’re still a newbie.

Watching a theatrical play is a worthwhile experience, but you can immortalise that experience by documenting it. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind because they will surely come in handy.