For the New Baby: Unique Nursery Themes in New Your Home

Baby RoomWith a new baby on the way, you have decided to buy a new property instead of pulling down walls and building an extension. There are quite a number of impressive and affordable 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Brisbane these days.

The funny thing is, choosing a new home is not as difficult as decorating the new baby’s room. After all, you may have to cut corners, as you are about to buy a larger home for your family.

The developers of Gardner Vaughan Group share unique baby room themes that you can use for that new house:

Heritage Theme

Bring out your old toys and outfit that room. Using your old items is a great way to instil a vintage style in your baby’s room. Just make sure that your toys are clean and are usable for babies. Look for nursery decor and furniture that you can use, provided they fit the room’s look. Not only will this theme cut down on your purchases, it will give your old baby room furnishings new life.

Birth to Toddler Theme

You would probably be redecorating your children’s room quite a number of times, as they grow older. Reduce your purchases by decorating the room with a toddler bed, along with the crib in preparation for your child’s next three years and onwards. Making the purchases now helps you save in terms of items and future room renovations.

International Theme

This goes beyond airplane stencils or ship photos. Allow your child to see well-known tourist spots all over the world with baby toys from other countries. You can keep the standard baby room furnishing, but feel free to put up post-cards, framed photos and baby-safe decor from different parts of the world. You can also focus on just one favourite continent, country, or city for the décor.

Involve the entire family in planning the new room décor. After all, welcoming a new member is a joyous experience to share with everyone.