Four Reasons You should Think about Building a Granny Flat

Building a Granny Flat in PerthA granny flat is a type of secondary dwelling that can be semi-detached or built as a standalone structure.

According to Granny Flats WA, granny flats are micro homes in your back yard. Many people build granny flats to maximise the use of their lands.

Building a granny flat actually has more benefits than what you previously thought. Here are some of the reasons more and more people build one in their backyards.

Extra Income

The biggest advantage of having a granny flat is you can rent it out. This means steady income for you as the owner of the property. You can use this extra income to pay your mortgage faster or cover your monthly water and energy bills.

Increased Property Value

You may see the flat as a training ground for a child who’s moving out or a place to accommodate your ageing parents. For investors, it’s more than that. It means a source of extra income when they acquire your property. This is the reason properties with granny flats have more appeal to most investors. If you want to increase your property’s value, think about building a granny flat in your backyard.

Convenience for Empty Nesters

Empty nesters who don’t anymore need a big house can benefit from building a smaller, low-maintenance home on their land. This way, they don’t have to look for a new house when they decide to move to a smaller dwelling. The best thing is they can rent out their original home while staying comfortably in their humble flats, in the same community.

Wise Use of Yard Space

It’s also a good way to put a vacant space in your yard to good use. Granny flats are designed to suit small backyards and spaces, without compromising comfortable living. By building a smaller, detached secondary dwelling, you’re using a once empty part of your land. The flats can be used by a mature child who hasn’t decided to move out yet, or provide accommodation for visiting friends and family.

Know the building regulations in Perth before you decide to build a granny flat. Work with certified contractors to make sure your granny flat meets government standards.