Four Simple Secrets to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee EngagementAs a manager, it’s only natural to wonder how you can get more out of your employees.

The secret? Keep them happy.

Investing in your people through employee engagement is part of investing in the business. Here are some suggestions to boost employee happiness:

1. Create a fun work environment. You don’t have to copy tech startups that offer perks like game rooms or free massages. A fun work environment can be in the form of creating a process that allows employees to be heard. The most cost-effective way to set a fun tone at work is for the management and middle-management to look like they’re having fun themselves.

2. Recognize good work and excellence. Don’t be the boss that only berates when an employee makes a mistake. Instead, focus on celebrating the wins. Put a system in place that enables public recognition. It’s a pat on the back for the entire team when one of their own gets high praises. It motivates them to up their game.

3. Offer opportunities for great achievement. Recognizing your employee’s effort is one thing, but helping them achieve greater accomplishments is another way to boost morale. According to Core Values Partners, training modules that focus on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence lead to National Quality Awards. If you open doors for your employees, you both reap the mutual benefits.

4. Be transparent and open lines of communication. Build a work culture around employees being able to communicate with each other, including those who may be in leadership positions. Transparency also involves sharing what is happening in the company. Employees appreciate knowing whether or not their efforts will contribute to overall success.

It’s hard to find excellent employees these days. When you do, you better do what you can to keep them. Making small steps towards employee engagement can lead to better retention rates and even an increase in productivity that could lead to direct results for your company.