Fuelling Your Mobile App Downloads with SEO

mobile appThere’s no doubt about it; mobile applications have become popular and sought-after by consumers. In fact, the use of these apps only reinforced the value of smart devices in today’s market.

The number of businesses investing in mobile app development has reached an all-time high. A mobile app has become a key component to the success of your marketing and advertising plan. The question is, “How do you make your mobile app stand out?”

Search Optimisation for Mobile Apps

This brings us to the topic of boosting the number of downloads you get for your brand’s mobile app. The most common way to optimise search for these programs is through the App Store Optimisation (ASO). What many people don’t realise is that SEO Brisbane services can be a huge help in this department, as well.

SEO Strategies for Bringing More App Downloads

You need more than just a landing page for your mobile app to get more downloads. To achieve this goal, you must focus on the following strategies:

  • A Landing Page and a Blog Maximises Results. Increasing the visibility of your landing page also increases the frequency of its appearance in relevant search results. Associating your blog to both the landing page and the app itself can help you yield better results.
  • Generic Tags and Links are not Useful. Don’t bother using general tags, links, and anchor texts because they don’t work and they don’t have any SEO value.
  • Clarity is Key to Brand Recall. When creating backlinks, you need to be clear on who you are, as it helps enhance brand recall. Instead of using undefined anchor texts, use the name of your app and your brand.
The Bottom Line

SEO is more than just optimising your website to rank highly in search engine results pages. Get the most out of your mobile app through web optimisation, and see the number of downloads go up.

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