Garden Edging: Understanding Its Types and Uses

Gardens in PerthEdging is an important feature of any flowerbed or landscaped garden. A great edge design can make a simple garden bed look lovely as if it came out of a painting. There are different types of edging options to choose from and match with your garden size and type. You should also understand the advantages they offer before making a choice.

When it comes to garden edging, the Perth experts of share the following pointers:

  • Types of edging

The different types of lawn edging include wooden edges, plastic strip edging, brick paver, and spade cut trenches. Each one of them come with many advantages. Plastic strips are traditionally used when the plants are ornamental in nature. Wooden edges are common, although they tend to rot quickly due to the moisture and soil. Brick pavers and spade cut trenches win in the aesthetic department. They need little maintenance, and you can match them with the façade of your home.

  • Uses and advantages

The plastic strips come in various sizes. They are flexible, making them great for the curves you want to highlight in your garden. The border it provides is not conspicuous, so the edging is not as noticeable as other types. Wooden edgings can be made by amateurs, and is the most affordable of the lot. Wooden lawn edgings look great even if they are not as versatile as the other options. The spade cut trenches and brick pavers are flexible, making them ideal for gardens with odd shapes and slopes.

Whichever edging you choose, you can be sure that they securely curb a beautiful lawn and well-maintained garden for a long period. Get advice from experienced landscape contractors, so you can make the right choice for your outdoor design.