Give it a Brake: The Mechanics of Braking

brakeBrakes are the most important feature of the car as far as safety is concerned. These stop the car from moving, but have you ever wondered about the mechanics behind it? Easily, the braking system works through the application of mechanical force.

When you step on the brake, the force you apply presses down the fluid, which will then move the levers and other parts connected to the wheels. The principle is the same, whether you’re talking about Brembo brakes on cars for sale or the airplane’s brakes.

Here are the inner workings of a car’s brake system:

Some Notes on Stopping

The amount of kinetic energy needed to move depends on mass. Putting it in perspective, the heavier you are, the more kinetic energy you have. Getting rid of the kinetic energy is difficult if you’re big, moving fast, and have nothing to stop it. Applying the force-mass ratio principle, the brakes are what drivers use to drop the kinetic energy and stop.

The Importance of Hydraulics

The application of force to slow down or stop a car is not a simple feat. Your own mechanical force is not enough to stop the wheels that are moving at a constant speed. This problem is solved through the use of force multiplier, which comes in the form of hydraulics.

The force from your foot applies pressure to the brake fluid, which will be then transmitted into set directions. When the pressure reaches the brake pads and discs, these parts will then “grab” the wheels to stop.

The Role of Friction

To stop the car safely and effectively, friction will be a significant factor. Friction is defined as a resistive force between two bodies or surfaces. If you have smooth wheels and you’re driving over a smooth road, you may find yourself exerting more pressure to stop the car. The amount of pressure you apply to the brakes depends on the surface you’re driving on.

These are only some of the most important things about the mechanics of a braking system. Understanding these things will help you take care of your car, especially the brakes.

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